Hartpury uniformed public services BTEC

TBH mate, i had a look at the course a few years ago and its a waste of time IMO. If i was you now (assuming your a school leaver) either get into harrogate or do your A-levels. Either choice would set you up alot better in the long run than the btec.
No idea whether you're still looking for an answer to this or not, but here's one if you need it.

I did the course a few years ago, and it was basic to say the least. That said, with any BTEC, you get out what you put in. If you want the higher grades, it takes more research and more critical thinking to produce decent coursework. That said, BTEC's are now widely accepted by universities as A-level equivalents. Hence, a uni will see a triple distinction at BTEC level as the equivalent of 3 A's at A-Level. I got the above, and not only got accepted into a good university, but got a scholarship worth £2000 into the bargain.

The AFCO I went to before deciding on uni reacted positively to the award, saying that more education could only be a good thing. However, if you're looking to enter at soldier level, i'd veto it and join as quickly as possible. It'll provide little knowledge you won't learn in training about the Army, and this way you'll be earning while you learn, along with building up that pension ;)

To summarise, if you want to go to uni and then join as an officer, it's a good idea. If not, get to the AFCO and start your application, you'll be wasting 2 years if not.

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