Harsh Punishment


In the last six months I have seen to our new and improved military justice procedures being used and abused to the extreme. The new AGAI system and Values and Standards are open to varied interpretation which inevitably leads to great differences in sentence. All was sumed up this week when two collegues were suspended from post because of the content in their leaving speaches. Has the world gone mad? Can we not deal with minor infringements in-house? The sad answer is some people in positions of power are to scared to deal with issues themselves and this will inevitably lead to increased disipline cases further burdening us all.

:frown: .
What exactly is "Suspended from post"? Does that mean they can't go into work? Were theyleaving the army or being posted?
There have always been and always will be people who are frightened to deal with minor problems of discipline and will push all cases to a higher authoriy. That's the nature of people an dyou just have to live with it or go round the twist querying every little event. A very good motto that I have adopted after years of geting wound up over things is "If I can't change it I'm not going to worry about it" works a treat for me.


Having had the cleanest workshop pits in BAOR for many years and not burdening the OC with 'Orders' I suppose that I should now always be checking my mail for solicitors letters. However, the way people learned then was not to do it again and not to have the embuggerance factor during the weekend.
As to leaving a unit on posting or leaving the service, well, if you have allowed things to fester for that long, who was to blame? The best of luck in civvy street and familiarise yourself with a P45, although you will be seeing a lot of them.


They were not leaving the army but only posted. Suspended means as it sounds, go home put your slippers on and watch day time TV. The outcome of the incident was both individuals were posted early which I'm sure both were happy with. Since this happened many have came forward to volunteer to do leaving speaches on the chance thety also will receive an early posting.
It sounds to me alb that the two gave their Wksp their six monthly or even their CR. Being told you're crap is hard to take even when it comes on a leaving speech, but crititism goes up as well as down and not being able to take it is the sign of a weak CoC. Apparently to whinge in the REME is "a new thing" and is what the "Lads do". FCUK EM!!! nowt lost..nowt gained.

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