Harsh but fair?

Random_Task said:

Recently on a job abroad (a big one) a member of the firm got trolleyed (female,American & a manager) and I mean trolleyed, beer and sick was said to come out of her nose, and had her photograph taken by a member of the client firm who hired us.

The photograph,as you can imagine was not very flattering,and was propmptly distrubuted via email amongst the client firms top brass with the caption "***** spending the clients money wisley"

The "barn" has been split almost 50/50, some say it's harsh,others say it's just desserts because she can't handle her booze, and a smaller minority have got t-shirts and mugs printed.

What do you all reckon? what goes on in the bar stays in the bar? or fair game for a sneaky pic?

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Show us the Pic and we'll let you know...



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Help spread it but with the rejoiner that if it had been you no such incident would have happened as you could hold your beer.

Next jolly is yours!
I take it you didn't need to use the Rohypnol then?

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