Harrys road to the front line starts here

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Rumrunner, May 12, 2006.

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  1. Harry's road to the front line starts here
    By Thomas Harding, Defence Correspondent
    (Filed: 12/05/2006)


    Good Luck to the young man. :wink:
  2. Wonder how many SAS troops will be part of the 11 man troop.
  3. Good drills for the bloke with the cheese sarnie. I hope WWII cheese was better than Possessed!
  4. Telegraph wrote:
    Why is there such discussion on how to use him? He is a soldier and should be used as such. Will all this discussion be multiplied when Wills is ready to go to war?
  5. I think the maina area for concern is the extra risk it may expose the soldiers under his command. Hadn't they decided to use him at Regt\Bde\Div HQ though? as a novelty royal tea boy?
  6. That is a problem, but one that isn't insurmountable.

    If he only gets used as a HQ wallah it will be waste of time having him in the Army. He should have been put in the RN/RAF instead.
  7. 8O

    Cheese possessd with apricot jam on oatmeal blocks is second only to the banjo imho.
  8. the only comcern is that he may be too eager to go into battle and possible get himself into a sticky situation he couldn't get out of, he would need a very strong SNCO who can forceably "Advise" him.
  9. semper
    He is a Cornet/2ndLt, they are all eager (or should be) and need careful supervision.
  10. I have heard that there is an obvious SNCO candidate within the Blues and Royals. A very warry chap ...
  11. What utter rubbish - All they are reporting is Harry starting his Troop Commanders course (or whatever the RAC call it these days). He and all the rest of the cav mob he passed out with. This is just part of the normal process - he certainly isn't training for any specific deployment to the fronth line.
  12. Good on the guy. [f***ing red-arse]