Harrys Medal?

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Holdfast_RE, Apr 18, 2006.

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  1. Not a rant or a rave just a basic ponder.

    Just been looking through a magazine and seeing some pictures of Harry on the Sovereigns Parade the other week. Does anyone have any idea of how he managed to qualify for the Queens Jubilee Medal, as I'm sure under normal rules that he's not eligible for it. :?
  2. Because he is the Queen's grandson! Members of the Royal household are automatically entitled to the medal. This has been a very popular topic in other threads.
  3. The poor lad's been dragged to more redcoat synchronised-walking displays than your average Guardsman. He's earned it.
  4. The Queen has the right to issue medals to anyone she wishes in certain cases. This is why Harry Willie and Charles all have the Jubilee Medal as well as that well known Marine Commando Eddie....

    Given that Charles wears a medal from the King of Nepal (or Thailand?? amongst the pile on his chest, once hopes that Harry gets to Bosnia or somewhere quick so he can get a few combat medals and catch up with Uncle Andrew... 9-0
  5. Hoping the Adjt of HCR will show some moral courage and ask cornet wales to remove it, can somebody dig-out the DCI for the eligibilty criteria to make the adjts job easier?

    I'm sure the DCI didn't mention anything about a friends and family package!!!!
  6. I thought that if you were presented with a medal then it becomes part of your uniform and thus Have to wear it, its not optional. Therefore the Adjt would be out of line asking him to remove it?
  7. agreed!

    Although knowing those wags in the mess, i'm sure he'll get a hard time for wearing it!
  8. He may be entitled to it, he has not earned it.
  9. like any of us did????
  10. post deleted
  11. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Each group of people who received the QGJM had different criteria for the award. The DCI covers members of the Armed Forces only, not the emergency services, members of the Royal Household or anyone else who got it. Presumably, Prince Harry received the medal as a member of the Royal Family, not as a member of the Army - which he wasn't at the time of the award. It strikes me as a 'grave discourtesy' to the Queen (to quote another DCI on the wear of medals) to question her reasons for awarding a medal to anyone, particularly her own Grandson, and I would suggest that it would not be in the best career interests of any adjutant, particularly in the Household Division, to incorrectly order Prince Harry not to wear his QGJM.

    In any case, who gives a fück? We only got it for having been in the Army for five years on the qualifying date. The medal was issued to commemorate a milestone in the Queen's reign, not to suggest that we were all hardened, steely-eyed dealers of death or anything. :lol:
  12. does anybody actually care who has the medal and who doesn't???

    i remember it being a very emotional issue at the time...
  13. Speak for yourself cpunk, I know why I got mine :wink: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. Well the army must be going swimmingly if the most we have to woory about is if Mr Wales should wear the QGJM or not!!
    Why has the army suddenly become obsessed with medals won.....when I see the old boys on parade I'm ashamed to wear mine won whilst accommodated in corimecs with Sky TV.....come on guys there are more pressing issues around than this.
    Glad to see we're all getting new No2s.....I thought this extra expense in the MOD budget is long overdue as surely by now we have enough body armour to go round in Iraq and have to spend our cash on summat!! lol
  15. Just a pointer firstly DCI (Defence Council Instructions) are only valid for one year. Second point they are now replaced by DINS! Come on get it right, are you jealous because you did not get a medal!!