Harrys Medal - Wotizit ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mussolini93, Apr 9, 2006.

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  1. During Prince Harry's passing out parade he appeared to be wearing a medal. Does anyone know what it is ? How on earth can a recruit get a medal ?
  2. He has the jubliee medal, having HM as your nan kind of helped him I think!! ;)
  3. Is it a Queen's Jubilee Medal?

    Just a guess, more than willing to stand corrected.
  4. The picture is very helpful.
  5. Think it's my 'Mum's the Queen' badge.

    I've got a cousin who's a Queen, can I have one too?

  6. No, but I'm sure you'll be able to get your brown wings!
  7. I've got one of those too, but it's considered a bit sad to actually wear it.

    It's not like you actually have to earn it or anything is it?
  8. I thought you had to have 5 years service by 2002 to get it?

    He must have joined up when he was 13ish!
  9. ... or have the Queen as his mummy?
  10. Didn't he used to be in the CCF. Great news for spotty teenage walts everywhere, start claiming medals as soon as you hit your teens!!

  11. not a lapdancer appreciation medal then
  12. Not Princess Di then?

    T c
  13. Yeah but he wouldn't want to upset his Gran would he?
  14. Yes its the Golden Jubilee Medal - All members of the Royal Family got it, as well as Royal Household Staff.

    Other Uniformed Services such as the Police, Fire Brigade, Custums & Exsise and Coast Guard also got it.

    He's entitled to it, and is improperly dressed if he does not wear it! I can imagine that the Officers Mess would pounce on such a omission!!!!

    Prince Charles & Andrew wear both the Silver and Golden Jubilee Medals.