Harry & Wills like, you know, innit, am I bovvered

He's not really making sense - he's suggesting that the Princes need to improve there grasp on the English language (IMO they do not, but then this is only his opinion).

He then has a lenghty e-mail from his granddaughter about what she does and does not like, and suggests that she has a better grasp of english? Interesting.

I would argue that there will always be pauses in spoken conversation, and that it is much easier to write without appearing to have a poor grasp of the language. Directly quoting the Princes will obviously reveal speech which may not appear very royal, but I bet that this old man doesn't exactly have the Queens English pouring out of him.
All he is doing is learning the art of saying nothing at all in the public arena. I don't think he is really that interested in people knowing or analysing what his opinions are. He knows better than most what happens to Royalty if they actually express a view on any subject - vilified by half the Press and ridiculed by the rest.

If he can get away with spouting non-consequential rubbish for the time being, good on him. Smart move, I say

Bet he is a little different in barracks with the boys.
As army hopeful said, the princes have been quoted directly with all the "umms" and "errs" included. Anyone who has ever seen a transcript of any speech (police interview, telephone conversation, etc) from even the most erudite person, you would assume that they were a tad thick. Its interesting that this old git is bigging-up his granddaughter but she appears, at best, to be semi-literate and it would be interesting to see a transcript of HER speech. I am pretty confident that the princes would not speak this way when giving orders or instructions to their troops, no-one does.
army-hopeful said:
He's not really making sense - he's suggesting that the Princes need to improve there grasp on the English language (IMO they do not, but then this is only his opinion).
Their not there.

Blair's edukashun sistem dont teech the difference betwean there, their and they're eny morr saym as your and you're.
I admit that I'm guilty (repeatedly) of using "there" instead of "their" and vice versa. However, I DO know when to use they're, your and you're.

Quick hint for those mongs out there (correct usage!) who get confused:

1) Use there when referring to a place, whether concrete ("over there by the building") or more abstract ("it must be difficult to live there").

2) Use their to indicate possession. It is a possessive adjective and indicates that a particular noun belongs to them.

That's clarified it all then!
His granddaughter's writing looks like a 10-12 year old wrote it. I know my writing was far more mature than that at 14; and I'm hardly brilliant at English. Her punctuation is atrocious too. I think if we wrote like that at age 10 there'd be a hell of a lot of red pen scrawled across it. Some 14 year olds are only a year off their GCSEs; that's nowhere near a decent GCSE level. Spoken and written English are completely different too; as is talking to your family and having to think carefully about what you're saying in an interview.
The author seems a bit of a stuck up prick IMHO.
I have an 11yr old son who writes with much greater flair his spoken English is superb too, the missus and I put this down to the fact he reads anything and everything! Whereas his elder and younger siblings are both shite at anything academic, but give them a sports field or a paintbrush....
I didn't see the bit about the girl being 14 - she is writing at a level much younger than she should be, in that case - the guy who wrote the "article" needs to get a grip and stuff doting on his clearly stupid granddaughter.
OldRedCap said:
Withdrawn by original poster.
I take it that that was a PERSEC Wah, then? Since I seem to remember your original post refering to the comment, "...which I have made on this blog linky...".
You have to wonder - hence my initial response.

The link's probably in the 'history' folder - would it be rude to...? Yes, okay, it probably would be. :D
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