Harry - which regiment?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by alfred_the_great, Mar 12, 2011.

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  1. Now that he's a fully qualified Apache pilot, does he automatically get transferred to the AAC, or does he stay HCav?

    Someone asked me earlier, and I had no idea what the answer was!
  2. I imagine like any other officer who has done an attachment he will remain a HCav Officer but will wear his pilot wings and serve for a few years with the AAC?
  3. No idea - that's why I was asking!!!

    Personally I think it's odd you can be "attached" to the AAC, but can understand the reasoning(ish).
  4. He may very well transfer. As the AAC offers him the chance to serve in a war/useful capacity. HCR does not.

    Also all OR Pilots are badged AAC on completion of the course, I think officers get the choice to swoop in if they so desire.
  5. Steady on old chap!
  6. If he badged AAC would he be the first Royal in the army to wear a non household div capbadge ?

  7. Apart from all those Regimental 'Colonelcies' you mean?
  8. From AAC Careers, the following:

  9. HRH The Duke of Kent was Royal Scots Greys.
  10. So it looks like he'll be HCav then.

  11. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    At least he can shape a beret.

    Lets hope the Taleban get the Royal good news from the Monarchy sometime soon.
  12. Nothing against HCR but I thought the idea of putting Harry on the ground again was pretty much poo pooed?

    I suppose he could do a tour with the AAC the rotate to HCMR.
  13. Yes. Have any Royals activley served peacetime or not in anything other than the Household Div ?

  14. Ahhh just clocked your post 4ZC. But the Duke of Kent is a fairly minor Royal most suited to a Cav outfit. But have any served in a Corps ?

  15. Has he been given his ARRSE coin yet or are you an 'AAC contact Walt'