Harry to join the Blues and Royals

Its either a big "wah" or hes got a very strange sense of humour.

As heard on Radio BBC2 this morning, with Sarah Kennedy reading from the Papers.

He's mad.....the Blues are a nice bunch (much better looking than the Life Guards and with more panache...) (ducks for cover) but is he doing this coz he wants to stay at Windsor or Knightsbridge and play polo? I though he was loving the ruffy tuffy infantry side of things?
Predictable really,mind you think of the tourist attaction he is going to be on his sturdy steed on duty outside the family pile.
This is also on Current Affairs........and it's better over there!
Personnally, I think he's making an error.

He should opt for a Corps and get a trade, Farrier possibly or Chippy in the RE. He aint gonna be King just a Gwar so rather than waste his life like his uncles (and his Dad, whoever that was) at least he'll have a purpose and be able to help out around the estates doing the horses feet or a bit of renovation in his Granny's houses.

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