Harry to be posted to Iraq...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Feb 1, 2006.

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  1. Speculation building that he will be sent out to the sand pit...

  2. Ahhhh, sweet. He'll probably be patrolling the safest streets in Iraq with all the SAS men who'll be watching his back.
  3. Teeeeeheheheh.

    I'll watch his back ;) I got a few Navy friends who would love to do likewise as well.
  4. Perhap Ewan Blair, might be drafted in as one of the troopers. Then Blair can honestly talk to families about the risks of mil ops!?!?? :twisted:
  5. Who needs enemies when you have the press! Im sure the telegraph will supply the grid as well.
  6. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    When he's got a couple of years in, he'll be promoted to '99' and get to wear a chocolate flake on his beret.
  7. Thought Harry was going to mounted sqn first?
  8. Sniggers at the royal icecream. Bet wherever he goes the budget for food mysteriously increases! Mr Whippy your highness cornetto sir?
  9. He will have to do his troop leaders course first that will be 3 months long .
    Wish the press will get there facts right .I n fact the whole story is cr@p because
    are the HCR not on telic 8 .Its the QDG who are there .
  10. I doubt anyone knows which units will be Basrah in May 2007. I wish the Telegraph would grow up.
  11. Probably he will be sent in Kurdistan, where he could be declared as a Kurdish king, Harry the 1st. Claim for historical Kurdish lands in Iran, Turkey and Syria is possible. No doubt that British Empire would support new-born Kurdish state in this case. Harry would keep his harem in Mosul, future capital of his state (rich in oil btw).
  12. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

  13. It's a shame, as there will be so much speculation and rumour about future deployments, exercises and courses that the guy, and his unit, are going to have no peace whatsoever. As if the MoD knows who will be in Iraq in 2007! What with all the other tasks ongoing at the moment he could serve anywhere.

    Fair play to him though for alledgedly saying he will serve where his unit is posted. Damn right, i would to. I wouldnt join just to guard a few buildings (that my family happen to own), and not then be allowed to deploy on the exiting jaunts with them.
  14. I don't see what all the hoo hah is about. He signed up to do his bit and good on him. The Royals have always done the right thing as far as the Forces are concerned. It's the Blair's of this world who are prepared to sit back and let them whilst att the same time, keeping their own offspring as far away from danger as they can.

    I hope he does well. No reason why he shouldn't............if he listens to his NCOs!
  15. On a serious note, if he is posted anywhere volatile like Iraq or wherever his tonyness decides we are deploying next. Would,nt that just inflame & intensify any attacks as the enemy would just love to bag a royal. Which I feel is a tad unfair on the other members of his unit who would more than likley be on the reciveing end of any attacks.

    Regards LT.