Harry & the Pope

A guy walks into and east end pub and is greeted by a guy at the bar "hello John" the guy at the bar say's.

"How did you know my name was John" he asks the guy at the bar.
My names Harry and I know everybody was the reply.

yeah right says John

Harry asks do you want me to prove it? I tell you what lets go and see the Queen and Prince Phillip.

John tags along for a laugh, but when they arrive at the Palace they are admitted without question, Harry and John are shown into the private apartments, the Queen and Phillip come over and say Harry why have you left it so long to come and see us, after a cup of tea and a few cakes they say thier goodbye's and leave.

John says sorry Harry but I'm not convinced that could have been a set up.

Harry takes up the challenge and says I know we will go and see President Bush, and he tells the taxi driver to take them to Heathrow where they catch a plane to Washington, the same thing happens, they are greeted by Bush in the oval office, have a coffie then leave.

Harry asks what do you think now?.
John replies it could still be a set up like "Jim'll fix it".

Ok says Harry you choose who we see next.

John asks do you know the Pope? Harrys say's Of course, so off they went to Italy, on the way Harry explains that the Pope is a little choosey as to who enters his private apartments so what John would have to do is wait in St Peters square and Harry would bring the Pope out on to the balcony to wave.

John patiently waits in St Peters square he notices a crowd gathering the square becomes packed, the crowd is hushed as the doors to the balcony open and out walks the Pope and Harry arm in arm.

Haryy looks down into the square to see his new friend John collapsed on the ground , he rushes down reaches Johns side and asks are you OK what happened?

John replies I was fine until the guy next to me asked "whos that guy up there with Harry.....
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