Harry Redknapp

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by louis, Oct 26, 2008.

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  1. proof that not only football players are money grabbing, greedy bast@rds.

    fcuking redfaced twitchy pr1ck.
  2. A sad day for Pompey though. £5 million compensation won't help attract or keep any quality players. I fear for the Pompey.
  3. It's ashame, i like Portsmouth as i spent a bit of time down there, but they're broke these days, the chairman is trying hard to get out, they need to sell loads of players so i guess it's the best time for the manager to get out as well before the cuts come.
  4. I've a lot of time for Redknapp, or should I say I had a lot of time for him. He's seen the £ signs and jumped ship double quick!

    Gutted for Pompey.

    Edited to say that perhaps Ramos wasn't all that bad. I think Levy has a lot to answer for.
  5. Clubs will dump managers after two bad results, they don't give any loyalty to managers so why on earth should they expect to get any in return?
  6. redknapp was backed to the hilt by the club, he pretty much had carte blanche to do as he wanted. He's gone for the money and is a judas for it. heres hoping for a 3rd relegation for twitch.
  7. Its only football mate, have you seen whats happening around the world by any chance. :roll:
  8. I wasn't being specific about Pompey, I was pointing out that the manager is always the first one to be sacrificed. Football clubs have a habit of not showing any loyalty to either their players or their managers but then start crying when the players/managers show no loyalty in return.
    I don't know of many people in civvi street who would turn down the chance to earn more money even if it meant going to another company. Football clubs are employers, they employ people to do a job just like any other industry so what is the differance?
    If one of the top football managers walked out of their job to take over Pompey would the Pompey fans be up in arms about that? No, didn't think so.
  9. Stop fcuking dripping. He took you to Europe and a Cup Final win didn't he?
    You'd be screaming for him to get sacked if he wasn't doing as well, so spare the hand wringing. It is a cut throat business. Deal with it.

    I reckon Defoe will go back to Spurs in Jan...

    Before you accuse me of any bias, I do not follow any Premier League club.
  10. he's a mercenary tw@t
    He does this to every club that he's ever been lucky to of been involved with.
    He did the same to Bournemouth, Portsmouth once before, Southampton and now Portsmouth again.
    MERCENARY only intereseted in cold cash

    No, i'm not a skate
  11. The moneygrabbing cnuts are the club owners. They drop managers the moment things go wrong - just like West ham treated Rednapp. I say good luck to him - he needs to worry about his future cos no-one else will. In any case it'll take a miracle to save a load of rubbish like Spurs - but I wish him well.
  12. Or is that the other way around?
  13. love it an arsenal fan as yid boss, heres to hoping he will do what any true arsenal fan would do with the scum .............relegate them
  14. Couldn't give a toss to be honest as i'm not a real football fan. I support Brentford.
  15. Would that be the lifelong Spurs fan called Redknapp you thick bigoted antisemite?