Harry Redknapp found not Guilty

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by beemer007, Feb 8, 2012.

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  1. A "not guilty" verdict leaves the way clear for Redknapp once the FA stop effing about and hand Capello his severence pay. Then we will see how good old 'arry is. I doubt even he could polish the turd that is the England football team. Golden generation my arse.
  2. Thumbs up for Harry.

    I think questions need to be asked though, why do the IRS hound individuals through the courts, at our expense, chasing relatively "small sums" whilst letting big busnesses off paying huge sums with a handshake?
  3. I'll piss myself if he gets the England job now. The only funnier candidate is Woy Hodgson.
  4. Note to self if I ever go down the self employed route again:

    1. Get dog, open bank account in offshore tax haven in dogs name.

    2. Feign stupidity when tax man asks me about £300K in said account.

    3. If all else fails, say I forgot about it.

    4. Profit!!!!!
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  5. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    I thought his name was Redknapp - not Houdini?

    How the hell did he get away with that one?

  6. Why would he try to dodge a few grand in tax when he most likely pays tens if not hundreds of grand every year to HMCR.
  7. Nice one.

  8. Why would he have a Bank account in Monoco in his Dog's name?

    Unless of course, it's his slush fund he didn't want the missus to know about! Obviously a predominantly male, football loving, tax paying jury!
  9. I don't particularly care if he's guilty or not but I do wish I could stick almost 100k in an account and forget it was there though.

    I'd also like to bum his daughter in law. Repeatedly. In time to Shake Your Blood by Probot.
  10. "Today’s verdicts raise serious questions about the five-year police and Inland Revenue inquiry estimated to have cost £8 million, but Chris Martin from Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) said he had no regrets" about pursuing the case because it wasimportan the facts were put before a jury".

    Video: Harry Redknapp tax evasion trial: HMRC has no regrets about pursuing Spurs manager - Telegraph

    Would an amount of arrogance within HMRC be a fair judgment?

    I also agree with others stating this is make or break for old Harry, is he capable to produce at an International level what he's capable in the domestic league? with all those premiership ego's etc.
  11. A cracking legal team I reckon and they don't come cheap - he will need to raid his savings to pay for that lot.
  12. Yeah! Harry for national team manager! It's just what they need, someone with the literacy and numeracy skills of Vicky Pollard and the memory of a goldfish!
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  13. ******* priceless!:judge:
  14. This is the same legal sysytem which freed a bloody terrorist?
    must be innocent then.
    Guilty of being a lying, illiterate, muppet of a yid, but innocent of fraud, ????
    Nah methinks not