Harry Potter.

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by OriginalNick2, Aug 8, 2007.

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  1. Hi,

    Need to get my medical etc forms back to DAAvn asap for aptitude tests, and have, in true nhs humour, been provided with envelopes by my boss however, she thinks its fine to send my medical forms etc off the to the RLO with Harry Potter first class stamps attached.

    I think this is probably a bad idea and will probably see my docs placed into file 14 - The Bin.

    So do A) Send the offensive harry potter envelopes anyway and scive more time reading posts from page 22 of the forum,

    or B) Go and find new stamps en route to acquiring some tasty lunch and refreshing beverage (also a bit of a scive.)

    or C) Use my initiative and work it out myself whilst displaying true leadership and decision making qualities that all potential officers possess within themselves somewhere.....

    Wish UTube wasn't banned at work.
  2. If there legal use them
  3. So send them by owl instead?

    (Hell - embarrassed that I thought of that) :oops:
  4. Like anyone pays attention to the stamps on an envelope.
  5. Get out more?
  6. and then send a howler informing you of action taken wrt docs :D
  7. dissapperate and deliver the envelope by hand
  8. Putting heart-shaped confetti in with the folded-up forms will do wonders for your career also.
  9. Is that how heterosexuals blag their way into the RAF then?

    Must have been really bored yesterday to start this thread! Items posted - with ludicrous stamps.