Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix

Well it has finally arrived for those avid Potter fans in Arrseland.  Our children were looking forward to it, yes, but not in a frenzy over its release.  Our local WH Smith, Woolies, Waitrose and the like were all due to open at 07:30 in anticipation of the rush.  I have not idea whether or not there was a mob of children clamouring for the books.  We strolled in at 11:30 bought a paper and Harry Potter and were on our way out at 11:35.  It only took that long because of the assorted geriatrics buying knitting patterns or whatever.

As a dutiful parent (or saddo, according to taste) I have "vetted" the book to ensure it is entirely suitable.  We read a chapter or so to the children at bedtimes, so it is quite easy to read it afterwards to get ahead of the plot.  Fortunately, my wife has been working nights, so there has been no battle over who was going to "vet" it first.  I finished it at about midnight on Sunday and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Shakespeare or Dickens it isn’t and I doubt it will survive the test of time, however, it was still an enjoyable read.

I work from home and it seems to be a quiet morning.  Maybe I’ll have it on my desk….
Idiot me, I have posted this in the wrong board.  Humph, any chance of moving it to Current Affairs?
SHit me, someone laughed at a 3 year old joke.

Now that, my friends, is staying power.


Or particularly worrying its still funny and relevant?
Guys you do realise that this thread was last posted on 3 years ago? I mean talk about reviving a dead thread.
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