Harry Patch

Just an early ''heads-up'' for those of you in the Westcountry TV area

Inside Out West , will be showing an extended piece on this Gentleman next week (12th Nov) 19.30-20.00 BBC1

Some of you may enjoy it.
Others may wish to watch just to see a genuine hero, and a truly humble man.
If you have not read his book The Last Fighting Tommy by Harry Patch and Richard Van Emden, it is excellent read I couldn't put it down.

The programme should be broadcast nationally!
Will have to keep an eye out for that on digital. What an awesome bloke!
You can get the inside out programs on iplayer from any area
"Ambassador, I greatly appreciate the way your people respect the memory of those who fell, irrespective of the uniform they wore.

"I will wear this medal with great pride and when I eventually rejoin my mates it will be displayed in my regimental museum as a permanent reminder of the kindness of the people of France."
Congratutions to Harry.


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