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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by geezer466, Mar 7, 2008.

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  1. Just seen him again on Breakfast News on a piece about this poem that has been composed for him.
    Was a moving report and included a contribution from Prince Charles.

    Does anyone know the status of the campaign to give 'The Last One' to go, a State Funeral?

    Harry is becoming high profile news now, more so as time goes on and he is probably recognised now by the majority of the British population.

    I know it would have to be in conjunction with the wishes of the family but it would be a fitting tribute to all that fought and died in WW1 and would generally raise the profile of remembrance.

    Any updates appreciated....
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I believe he has strongly stated he does not want one...
  3. Won't make any difference: I'm pretty sure that he didn't want the experience of being shelled and shot at, but that didn't stop the politicians letting it happen.
  4. I'm on two minds about this. Although he says that he doesn't want one we should do something to honour all those that fought and fell.
  5. Harry is an inspiring guy, but if he really does't want one (i don't know the truth of this), then his wishes must be respected.

    besides, which, we have the "unknown soldier", to focus upon.

    Cede Nullis, long live Harry, long live the LI.

  6. He's probably just as p**s'd of with the politicals and all the other "great and good" who ignored him for most of his life as any other ex-services. A far more fitting tribute would be a turn out of ginormouse perportions by the ex and serving service community, he would appreciate more as well I would expect.
  7. Perhaps his effigy in Whitehall, not far from The Cenotaph, then he and all his long dead comrades would have a sort of "persona" on Rememberance Sunday. Just a thought.
  8. Happy to turn out for him, if the politicians stayed away.

    The bugger's not dead yet, mind. I'd rather raise a whisky with him.