Harry Patch - The Last Tommy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chasndave, Aug 9, 2009.

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  1. On BBC1 now.

    I don't normally booze on my own but a large glass of red might be in order to watch this.
  2. best get my "ive got something in my eye" excuses ready!
  3. Very moving stories and a great tribute to absolute gentlemen. Jeepers it's dusty in here.
  4. I might be forced to join you with that excuse.

    Bloody remarkable men all round.

    RIP to those gone but not forgotten.
  5. They all demonstrated personal attributes that contrast starkly with those of our current celebrity-struck leaders and society; out of date qualities such as backbone, honour, loyalty, decency, responsibility, modesty, selflessness and stoicism. Where did it all go wrong?
  6. Socialism and the welfare state.
  7. Qualities forged in hardship I'd have thought. Today we take everything for granted and expect hand outs when not deserved. IHMO.
  8. Feel very humbled in the face of Great Men, these guys not only went to War but came back and then got on the job at hand, putting food on the table and bringing up family. And then went to war all over again.
    Had a bit of a moment half way through, Large lump in throat and teary eyes!!

    But I also laughed hard at some of the stories and the twinkle in the eyes of the Old Fella's as they told some funny stories.
    Great men whose dediction and sense of Loyalty and hard work should a lesson taught to all.
    This country is a lesser place for there passing!
  9. Same comments as everyone else's above. The missus came through and caught me wiping a tear as Harry was visiting Belgium. That programme should be compulsory viewing for every schoolchild and politician. Translate into hundreds of languages and distribute worldwide. These men should NEVER be forgotten!!!
  10. An excellent tribute to some fine old gentlemen and a good workout for the tear ducts.
  11. even though I dusted and hoover yesterday morning, some must have slipped through :(

    they still had a great sense of humour right til the end though
  12. Agree with all above.
    R.I.P. Gentlmen