Harry Patch, Eleventy One Today!

Harry Patch, the last British survivor of the World War I trenches, is celebrating his 111th birthday.
BBC News


i don't think giving him the bumps is appropriate
but bloody well done there

now who's got the cake, mit eleventy one candles for the lighting of?


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I liked the idea that a couple of weeks ago that Henry Allingham became a teenager for the second time.

Happy birthday to both gentlemen!
Lets hope there's a few more happy returns! :)
Happy Birthday Mr Patch! Many happy returns, good health and heartfelt thanks for what you did for us, it may have ended 61 years before I was born but you and all your mates were the reason why we have what we do today, its a debt we can never truly repay...
I want to see him naked
Gundulph said:
Many Happy Returns Harry... Hopefully Many More To Come...

There is an excellent MySpace Page that has been set up on behalf of Harry Patch, it is well worth a visit:

Thanks Mr. Gundulph. Very interesting, and so very sad. It's got very dusty here.
Congratulations, Sir! Here's hoping for a good few more.

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