Harry on Self Abuse

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CrapSpy, Jun 1, 2005.

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  1. Harry on Ex Self Reliance

    Looks like Harry is getting on with things, but that there are a few of his 'Opos' more than keen to keep the papers informed.

    From the photo it looks like he'll have to sign for a new magazine when he gets back!
  2. Actually, the story says

    "It is the first time the 20-year-old prince has been seen in public since he arrived at Sandhurst"

    so more likely that the paper got one of their photographers to wait around than one of the cadets making some money.

    Although friends of mine at the Factory at the moment have been offered circa £80,000 for a picture of Harry doing "something interesting"!!
  3. RTFQ


    Written by Rebecca English. I'm guessing she's no munter and has a string of gullible sex-starved OCdts talking carelessly in the vain hope of getting some. I bet they've not even asked for any money.

  4. Obviously a different Self Abuse from the one that I did then! :D

    Sandhust on ops already?!
  5. He did a shovel recce for the press?! 8O

  6. What no velcro-fastening slippers or trainers .I feel the bile rising.The Journo responsible should be beaten to death with a rolled up copy of the "Scum"
  7. Officer Cadet 'Wales'??? Are they trying to make him look like a stroker??? What's wrong with his real name?? Lucky his Dad wasn't Prince of Kent otherwise he'd have KENT written on his head and we all know how quickly that would get him a nick-name.
  8. Such is current media knowledge of the Armed Forces. Even Sky couldn't get it right during TELIC 1:

    'Here is some footage now of American tanks advancing into Iraq.'

    The fact being they had footage of the first British tanks to enter Iraq, but didn't even know it! Tools, all of them.

    PS. Any media group that wants to give me loads of cash to be their 'spotter bitch', please PM me. :lol:
  9. Maybe 'Wales' should spill he's own story. At least then he could pocket the £80,000 and he'd probably get a good afternoon's chuff licking with Rebecca down by the Qaboos. Maybe go for £100,000
  10. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    WALES, whats wrong with "Mister His Royal Highness the Prince Harry"? Give the DS something to shout about.

    I remember a Lance Corporal The Count de ***** de ******. Great fun on roll call!
  11. are they going to follow him around if he ever goes on ops
  12. Surely THEY are ex 'THEM' anyway, so it would all be a bit of a larf. Stagging on's their job, so they wont even be overly bored when they're stagging on the Prince as he stags on, so to speak.
  13. More likely to be a paper-cut from folding his map than anything to do with his trigger.......how stupid (or desperate for sales) are Mail journos?
  14. 8O Your not an Officer, you are a training survivior.
  15. No they aren't 'Them', as if that was a nickname ever used outside 'Auld Sapper's' very funny stories. I had an interesting conversation recently with a serving Met Detective Chief Superintendent who reckoned that the Royal and Diplomatic Protection Rozzers were, cumulatively, the worst coppers on the force. They basically do shifts as BGs with guns; the only paperwork they have to fill out are claims forms; they never really have to interact with the public; they never have to give evidence; and they get stacks of overtime. This makes them the laziest coppers out there.