Harry & Megan to step back from Public life

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Probably a smart move, much as I think the "firm" is great for the UK it likely needs to modernise and lets say it the "spares" are not so important these days


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I see the Royal Family a bit like the Mafia....
.....you are either in.......or out

bye bye.....don't come back
basically moany meghan couldn't handle being a royal


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It's not like they need the money.


and work to become financially independent.
Ha ha - work to 'become' financially independent. So Meghan keeps her cash in her swiss account and until we figure out how this is going to work will contimue to sponge off your mum / british public. No wonder he has mental issues. it made I larf
Don’t let the door hit your arrses on the way out. Bye!
apparently they didnt tell the queen......I wouldn't go for any late night drives through tunnels for a while if I were them
Jolly bad form just f00king off after the taxpayer kindly forked out 2.5 million making their house nice and cosy.........
Maybe they can pay it back?, if asked nicely...after all they are worth over 25 to 30 Mil GBP.

But seriously, being hounded by the trashy rags day in and day out will take the toll on anyone's mind and mental health. I don't blame them.
Actually, let's not forget his Mother's estate legacies either.
That family are minted as well never mind her later status.
No idea of Diana's exact personal wealth at death but she left 75% of her estimated cash free cash & goods ( diamonds etc) including a multi millions divorce cheque divided equally to the boys...so I figure around 8/9 millions each from a gross figure of over 21 millions plus...before taxes. The boys also got around 10 millions each on top of that lot from the so called residuary estate. Suffice to say...neither will worry about the next Npower bill.
Add it all up...from Mum alone the boys each have net worths likely exceeding 20 millions.
Harry can afford to 2 finger the Bucks Mafia if he chooses.
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Ooh! Shall we live in our big house in London, or our ranch in North America?

First world problems.


Presumably Harry will therefore have to step aside from the succession, if he's not sharing the duties. Mind you, at sixth(?) in line, I suppose thats not much of an issue.
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex has effectively resigned is he now Harry ‘Wales’ Windsor?

C4 News: "It's because of racist UK media and public"

Balderdash. Only reason I know 'fake tan sleb' Markle is "Black" is due to C4 etc ramming it down my throat since engagement announced. I dislike them because they're woke hypocrites who won't fulfil the obligations they're paid by taxpayers to do
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