Harry Maskers - bodge kit of Kings!

What would the Army be without Harry Maskers?

  • Slightly less sticky.

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  • Even further in the brown and smelly.

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  • In small pieces over the last ten miles

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  • Good God man, it's the only thing that keeps us going!

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I've seen black nasty tape put to many uses, from holding an SA80 together for the final attack (Guilty M'lud), sticking headlights back on to a 3/4ton Landrover, strapping MILAN missiles together for storage in the back of a WR510 (Really), holding the fabi=ric of the universe together (Alright, keeping the 9x9 stuck onto the back of its parent Landrover), to making those really cool SF sunglasses for photo opportunities. Any other bodges come to mind?
In the aerospace industry it is used extensively, especially to effect minor/temporary repairs to the outer skin of aircraft. Its even carried on the space shuttle for making ad hoc repairs (read "lash-ups") whilst in orbit. 8O
A tool box can comprise of but two items

1.) Black nasty
2.) WD 40

If it moves but should'nt Black nasty

If it does'nt move but should WD 40

Job done.

Why make things complicated?
It is like the force it has a light and a darks side and holds the universe together .

Though treat blisters by cutting tops off them filling with foot powder and then black and nasty is not reccomended :lol: .
I remember a Chinook en route Split to BLMF making an unscheduked landing somewhere in the ulu. The crew chief popped out and then popped back in again and spoke to the pilots. Then he made the sign of the black tape to the troops embarked. Being shit-hot I had a roll in my webbing and duly handed it over. Chiefy jumped out once again, returned and gave me my nasty back and we resumed flying...there is no shadow of a doubt that black nasty does the job!!
oh and don't forget the mystical maintenance powers of Don 10!
Without any shadow of a doubt, if the men with snow on their boots had developed an airburst weapon that dissolved Harry Blackers, they would have won in four days.
Substitute for bikini-line waxing kit...

Fixing the false leg on Gary Numan's sister...
No she had a nice leather strap and garter belt rig
Black nasty, the tool kit of the RAF , along with zip ties and poly bags (heavy duty )

We kept a ( brand new ) radar going with that for years
Can't help remembering a so called replacement for black'n'nasty that was around in the late 80's. Green fabric tape. It was total cr4p. The only thinkg it was OK for was holding your helmet cover on!

Keep the black stuff
black nasty, from MFO boxes, to being used to make some one with two eye brows have only one. Green fabric tape is the dogs bollocks, goes for a fortune on e bay. keeps most of the RAC AFV fleet still in operation

How about this.............. My girlfriend had her foot in a cast for months due to tendonitis........... the cast would never last more than a few days withoutn cracking, so out came the rolls of black nasty...and a little bit of superglue !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The things i have used black nasty for are endless but one of my best efforts has to be one of those garden hoovers that had been run over by a sit on mower, 1 hour later,black nasty and superglue and hey presto a fully working garden hoover.
tearsbeforebedtime said:
A tool box can comprise of but two items

1.) Black nasty
2.) WD 40
Thats just the essentials. The 'de-luxe' kit consists of the following additional items:

3.) 5lb Lump Hammer (Tool, fine adjustment)
4.) Molegrips, large.

Anything more than this is just uneccessarily bourgeois and extravagant.
Once cocooned a drunken passed out officer into a shopping trolley with the major part of an entire roll, and left him in the Co-op car park in Rhyll. It took him more than 6 hours to wrestle himself free.
I nailed a heli back together with Harry Black. I flew back in cab after insisting crewman go back in the relief a/c. The pilot, 4 Regt's Mr Angry was my buddy after that. He was a Para Colourman, I should have known better.
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