Harry in Sandhurst.....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by C5H12O, Jan 7, 2006.

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  1. Anyone know how well or bad he is doing??....My old Unit had to guard Sandhurst after newspapers got undercover reporters to take fotos after he arrived...in between exercises, deployments etc!
  2. He's doing magnificently, a real testiment to his Grandma.
  3. Of course you did. Is that the same time your salary was paid by News International or are you really just a stupid tom?
  4. If you read it properly it was my old unit..i had left by then, sitting in Afghanistan at time. I was a Tom 15yrs ago by way!
  5. Just how many journalists are on arrse? I suspect that there is more than a few, I am pretty sure I'm one.
  6. In that case you will understand that even if anyone on here knows how he is doing, they will not discuss it due the number of journalists that lurk around Arrse.

  7. I'm Harry.
  8. Fair one...but just want to confirm the closest iam to a reporter is reading the Sun at tea and toast!!
  9. And on the plus side, it means RMAS have slammed the door :)
  10. No. I'M Harry.
  11. So thats a quote then 'I'm Harry' thanks guys I can see it now - 'The future King Of England in the midnight hours trawls a notorious internet forum where the dregs of the British Army openly cavort with airsoft enthusiasts, aspirant sexual / social deviants and foreigners...' plus a few quotes from the NAAFI, marvey, thats my quota this month done then.
  12. ....abd I'll bet his DS sniffs the rim of his cup now he knows Hazza is here :D
  13. No I'm Sparti.............. I mean Harry!!
  14. Better and better 'Harry in Arrse Walt Shock! - future King of England impersonators are running amok on notorious British Army web site attempting to cause a international incident by embroiling the beloved son of Saint Di of Kensington in ....enter any forum here....the public demands that the standard of custody at Sandhurst be increased and that these foul miscreants be prosecuted with the full majesty of the law and swept from her Brittanic Majesty's Electronic Realm.

    its a work in progress.
  15. I'm Harry, and so is my wife.