Harry - How were British press / broadcasters kept quiet??

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by frenchperson, Feb 29, 2008.

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  1. The media were concerned about Harry and pals safety

  2. A couple of exclusives were promised on his return

  3. Prince Philip threatened to pay them a visit

  4. The honours system is doing its customary thing

  1. I'm a very suspicious type and like most other sceptics, I try to look for the real reasons behind what I read in the press or see on the telly or hear on the radio.

    I don't know if this situation is unprecedented, but nothing similar springs to mind, to be honest. We all knew that Prince Andrew was going to the Falklands - and granted, that was a totally different situation.

    But the gutter end of the press have an excellent reputation for sh1tting on just about everybody in the past - from royalty to the middle class, to asylum seekers, to gypsies, to our brave lads, to chavs, to politicians of whatever persuasion, to randy vicars, to council house tenants and even to each other.

    How could their silence have been secured - FOR A WHOLE TEN WEEKS?

    I have a theory, and it involves our lovely, democratic honours system. I would like everybody to carefully analyse it the next time it appears and the time after that and the time after that (well, it won't be stuffed to the gills with newspaper editors and BBC executives immediately will it?)

    I don't think it would be enough to spoonfeed a good share of exclusives when Harry comes back. Not for one second. Only knighthoods, CBE's, OBE's, MBE's, dameships, peerages would really suffice and keep the bastards schtum.

    Keep your eyes peeled for the next roll call of the great and the good. In amongst the lollipop ladies and ex-generals will be some familiar faces.

    A good transaction has been done in secret. Done to satisfy the self-seeking swine. I don't think this theory has been trotted out by any of our fine newspapers or broadcasters just yet - not even the brilliant Jon Snow.

    Well, they wouldn't want to draw unwelcome attention would they???
  2. Perhaps it was organised by the same hundreds of people who organised the destruction of the twin towers in New York :roll:

    edited to add - there should have been another option on the poll - I think the author of this thread is a dick
  3. Who gives a fcuk?

    With a 9mm to their heads hopefully.
  4. The likes of the MoD AND the Royals could have threatened to withhold all kinds of scoops from those who broke their word on Harry. Not likely, but possible. After all this story would also have gotten out.

    Also, despite the fact that many journos are utter scum, even cnuts like the mirror can realise that printing a story will hurt them more, than holding for a while.

    Should Harry have been held back from Ops by a paper spilling its guts, then that paper would carry the can. Should Harry's Op have been compromised by a paper (ie a British one) then again, the papers would know they could be cutting thier own throat.

    I doubt our journos really give two hoots about the lads out there. If it will sell papers they will do it. ie piers morgan and his pack of lies about what "might" be happening in Iraq.


    Despite the pictures looking so staged, they may well have been shot on the stage of the Barbican.
  5. No, not at all. Not all.

    You want me to believe this? A journalist with hindsight :roll:
  6. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    No MBE for Robyn Foyster of New Idea, I'd guess.
  7. I think your looking for a conspiracy where none really exists Frenchperson.

    I think the "exclusives" option in the poll is probably the nearest "deal" that was done - and the footage over the last 24hours would seem to confirm that the HRH has been subjected (with appropriate contriols) to unprecedented access whilst on operations.

    This has very much come about as a result of senior editors and producers realising that the long term repucussions of "blowing his cover" and therefore immediately putting him and those around him in even more danger and will have been communicated in the strongest and clearest terms.

    For any British news agency that would have chosen to broadcast a world excusive, not being invited to any number of Royal Weddings, Royal engagements or interviews with the members of the Royal Family for an undetermined period, would be career suicide - so, as much as you wonder how this could happen, it's clearer than most seem to think.

    To give the MOD Press Office and those involved (in the system) their credit - well done. The last 24 hours has seen some "quality" footage of the British Army on operations, in the last few days. What other story would have resulted on the nation ( and for that matter the world) giving this story such high coverage? I can think of nothing, except the most awful kind of incidents, which this board has discussed since HERRICK and TELIC commenced.

    No loss of life, the media has got what they wanted, the public have had the reality of ops thrust into their living rooms, those who have served relate to it, those that would never show the slightest interest, have been discussing military ops and although Jon Snow has pizzed a lot of peaople off, I say fair play to him - the debate and therefore the interest continues!

    A la perchoine

  8. No, our froggy looking for conspiracies!!! Who would have thought it
  9. I was using irony as a comical tool!
  10. If that is not what you are suggesting what was the incentive for the ones not getting an honour then? Surely being one of the people not getting the bribe would make you even keener to publish?
  11. Let's see if time will indeed tell. But don't be too surprised if Jon Snow remains Jon Snow esq.
  12. Pity its not Jon Snow RIP
  13. Ok, here's he scoop.....shifty eyes, coat collar turned up and a harsh whispering voice.....quickly in case we're seen or overheard.... here it is the real truth.....

    a fcukin D notice you fcukin clown :roll:
  14. Are you on the Merlot early on FP? :D

    Somehow, I doubt that even in Jon Snow's wildest dreams that he has ever considered that his ripping apart of high level figures and "alternative perspective" on the news of the day, was ever going to win him an honour.

    Apart from the industy's own awards - of which Channel 4 News has been the recipient on many occassions.

    I hope he drops in - I've done all I can to educate the news media about ARRSE - I'd love to see him follow your line of thought - it would be entertaining - but there are more "shocking" news story to cover!

    This is what I love about the French. An alternative view - well done FP. :)