Harry excused boots

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by airborne_artist, Jun 6, 2005.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/4612613.stm, Monday, 6 June, 2005, 0707Z

    Prince Harry has been excused from wearing his heavy boots at Sandhurst after suffering agonising blisters.

    The 20-year-old, undergoing basic training at the Surrey Royal Military Academy, developed weals on his feet during a gruelling five-day exercise.

    Operation Self-Reliance reportedly required him to endure 10-mile yomps through Ashdown Forest in East Sussex carrying a heavy back pack and rifle.
  2. And your point is caller?

    He's certainly not the first OCdt ever to be excused boots!
  3. He'll enjoy Longreach then! Just for the record I felt very sorry for myself and walked like Douglas Barder (sp?) for about a week afterward.
  4. Seems pretty representative of the youth of today, don't see the why your so shocked AA.
  5. I got hideous blisters during my first couple of weeks at Sandhurst - I even got excused drill for a couple of days, though the down side was that I had to have them slathered in Friar's Balsam every day by the sadists at the MRS. Something about going from poncing around the south of France in sandals for the whole summer, to running in boots every day. Must be a slow news day if this is making the headlines.
  6. Will this be the first time he has ever worn trainers? :wink:

    Ahh, months of this to go: Harry gets shouted at, Harry with a rifle (invariably described as "state of the art"), Harry gets drunk, Harry tackles an obstacle course, Harry reads a map, Harry marches up and down.... :roll:
  7. Did yesterday's Torygraph show the wee Prince with a left-handed version of the A2? It was a header for the article about Sandhurst security for 'VIP cadets.' May have just been either 1) some sneeky camera trickery that I am unaware of, or 2) me being an idiot, but I could have sworn the workings were on the left side of the TMH - I've always been told they did'nt make 'em (no, not because I'm a wierd southpaw and think I'm speshuller than everyone else...). Anyone see this? Or am I going slowly but surely mad?
    I'm not saying that O Cdt Wales having a special gat is a bad thing - probably safest. With brass burns all over his gwar chops from firing a RH rifle left handed, there would be no Sith Ifricin socialites willing to dance barefoot around the Serngetti with him. So the Daily Express would sell no more papers telling the tale. Ahh... seems I've just solved my own mystery by stream-of-consciousness - the gat was custom built by H&K, as a present from the Express to preserve their readership...
  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Or they printed the piccy back-to-front tp fit in with the editing of the 'paper - it happens a lot...
  9. I think fair game to the bloke, for doing the course - its not like he needs to! I do feel sorry for his platoon/company though, I guess it will have to be "whiter than white" to keep the press out. Though they are supposed to leave him alone, they always seemt to get the story (like the one for this thread!)

  10. Have to agree though, if all that they can report on is the fact that he is wearing trainers, then they got feck all else to say. If he doesn't wear trainers, his feet will get worse then he will not be able to complete the training. It's no special privelage to wear them. Most recruits wear them at some time to heal their wounds.

  11. Months? More like bloody years, with: Harry sits on Scimitar, Harry plays polo for the Guards, Harry seen in tight trousers-and-silly-hat, Harry shouts at squaddie for not saluting, Harry goes to Falklands and shoots penguin, Harry goes on course....

  12. Did I say I was shocked? Was merely providing a news service. Possible that his social life interferred with breaking in boots/feet in pre-RMAS, perhaps?
  13. And don't forget, any naughty boy from the Regt he eventually joins will become:

    'Harry Soldier in (insert as appropriate: Drugs; Rape; Iraqi Shooting, Drink-Drive, Speeding) Shocker'
  14. If he finishes, will he ever go on ops?

  15. Most likely. Andrew did in the Falklands after all....

    Anyone know what boots their issuing at Sandhurst? Are they the standard issue 'assualt' boots? No wonder the poor bugger got blisters if they are...