Harry excused boots for blisters

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Crazy_Legs, Jun 6, 2005.

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  1. Apologies if this has been posted already but Hazza hitting the headlines again....

    Bless... :wink:
  2. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    Ah, another complete non story about Harry and Sandhurst. Who would have thought?
  3. Whilst I know that certain aspects of the Commissioning Course have changed since I was there (some for the worse and some for the better), I do not believe that boots are issued 'several months in advance'. Also what rubbish that these are the only footwear allowed, what about Officers' Brown Shoes, George Boots and the 'nice' issued trainers.

    Harry should have spent his time in Africa preparing better - although practising his press-ups on top of Chelsy (?) was probably more fun.

    As stated by UQ above, another none story that is most probably factually inaccurate; probably just some medic at Sandhurst MRS trying to make some money.
  4. So how do you stop blisters?

    Just walk and walk and walk in the boots until your feet are toughend up?

    Or are there any other secrets?

  5. Is this a wah?

    Break boots in properly by wearing them or rub neatsfoot oil or saddle soap into leather

    put surgical spirit on your feet to toughen up the skin regularly

    cover any areas you know you get blisters from friction with zinc oxide tape

    put vaseline between your toes on lenghty tabs and powder/wash them regularly

    wear a thin pair of cotton socks (1000 mile type etc) under issue socks to cut down friction

    if blistered get yourself strapped to a bed while they put tinc benzine on them - TAKE THE PAIN

    As you get several pairs of boots and shoes to break in simultaneously at RMAS you will get blisters - its just a fact of life but you can try and prevent them :roll:

    Hope this helps - poofs :roll:
  6. What a wimp!

    Everyone knows that to avoid blisters, you should cut your feet off and keep them for parades. We walked on stumps in my day, youngsters nowadays etc.... :wink:
  7. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    Quite right and well said. Indeed, I remember being told that in the event of wearing said feet and gaining a blister, think yourself lucky! If you were in the desert and you ran out of water, it could save your life by popping one with your Kandannjher multi purpose knife and sip threw the straw. Enjoy

  8. Never powder your feet unless it's for medical reasons. Powder is essentially an abrasive.
    Vaseline - yes
    Powder - No

    Must agree though. Cutting feet off and saving them for parades is best tip
  9. Meths/white spirit are astringents (if that word seems familiar it was in some of the voiceovers in the cosmetic ads that you were watching thinking " I wonder does she swallow?"). Astringent means it dries the skin out. Powder obviously has a drying effect but not enough to overcome being in your boots with copiously sweating feet. Far better to have lots of socks than powder. If you can give a quick wipe with meths and change to new socks, ideal. Has to be part of a long term program, regularly wash and properly dry your feet. If you are not tabbing/drilling powder up by all means.

    All this presumes that you won't have a problem (you will blister eventually). Vas and zinc tape are good but no substitute for a good foundation.

    All this was learned the hard way after managing to blister and infect myself on TACC. I turned up at the MRS at 2230 following the final ex to be greeted by a grumpy nurse who turned white when she saw my feet. (MRS do so HATE Dettingen Coy!) Learning my lesson I applied the above religiously however it doesnt bless you with course passing O skills and leadership potential so that was that after my 2nd attempt fell short.
  10. I used to burst them and cut off all the surplus skin with nail scissors. Probably frowned upon, but it worked for me!

    That was when I was wearing my feet of course! :wink:
  11. We used thin, smooth dress nylon socks instead of cotton. We also placed them under the issue wool/poly blend socks. Really reduced the friction.

    We used medicated foot powder to mitigate the effects of wearing the same pair of socks over several days. Athlete's Foot and other nasty fungi.

    Other than that Ozgerbobble, spot on advice.

    Take care of the tootsies, or practice gnawing through your boot when the medic glues your skin and toe nails back on with tincture of benzoine... I can definitively say you're a changed man after one visit. Personal hygiene and proper foot care rank higher on the priority list during a mission... LOL
  12. Stop blisters--> Get on the rover! (and off the course)
    Stop crying--> get on with your Tab! (and pass)

    As I have been told on many occasions - pain is your body's way of telling you that you are still alive!

    In reality - Zinc oxide and meths.

    Don't go anywhere near thousand mile socks if you are going anywhere near dampness as they are the biggest recipie for disater. I tried them and hate them. tehy have a guarentee that if your feet blister they will refund you - they didn't, aparrantly i wan't using them correctly by putting them on my feet and doing the job! Bas*ards