Harry Dunn killed by US diplomat's wife

Its all about the money money money
Nope. Read the article, from which:

The family’s spokesman, Radd Seiger, told The Washington Post that civil claim for damages, filed in U.S. District Court in Virginia, had been “resolved.”

“I can’t tell you any more. All I’m permitted to say is the civil case is resolved, and we can now turn to the criminal case,” he said.


Its all about the money money money
No it's not.

If they have managed to secure a confession of sorts, that's a step up in the criminal case.

But, in the end, it doesn't matter. She has Diplomatic Immunity and will never face trial


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Even if it were all about the money, is that so bad?

A wrong has been done and the wrong-doer has used diplomatic immunity to cover her culpability for an act committed outside her work.

She deserves to pay somehow.
My missus thinks we should do a deal and swap Prince Andrew for the Saccoulas woman . . .
If only their legal situations were remotely similar…. Swapping someone not accused of anything by a law enforcement agency with someone who is IS accused of something by a law enforcement agency doesn’t seem like a fair swap.
Kabul Airport might be thought of as President Biden's "Saccoulas" moment. Just navel gazing on a quiet morning.

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