Harry Brown -Sir Michael Caine Takes on chavs..

...and makes it looks like real fun !

Gentleman i read on this forum that Sir Michael Caine should be Colonel and Chief of ARRSE and just watching this trailer shows why. Short summary, Ex-Royal Marine takes on cockney cider drinkers ! :p

Harry Brown
Looks like a good film, will be good to see just who and what sort of people are in the audience!
Maybe he could train up all us useless old gits from the' non-infantry walts ',as one regular poster at least calls us,to kill all the chavs he hides from when back in blighty 8O :banned:


Book Reviewer
Switching off chavs may all be jolly good fun, but as social commentry, looks like a thoroughly depressing flick.

Wonder if this was based in any way on F. Forsyth's short story, "The Veteran" which covers the murder (by chavs) of a Mirbat veteran, and the way his ex-CO takes vengeance....?

On second thoughts, the story was nowhere near as violent as this one looks.
Looks like fun but sadly I see a massive outbreak of OAP battering by the forces of Chavdom after this comes out.
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