Harry Brown -Sir Michael Caine Takes on chavs..

...and makes it looks like real fun !

Gentleman i read on this forum that Sir Michael Caine should be Colonel and Chief of ARRSE and just watching this trailer shows why. Short summary, Ex-Royal Marine takes on cockney cider drinkers ! :p

Harry Brown
Maybe he could train up all us useless old gits from the' non-infantry walts ',as one regular poster at least calls us,to kill all the chavs he hides from when back in blighty 8O :banned:


Book Reviewer
Switching off chavs may all be jolly good fun, but as social commentry, looks like a thoroughly depressing flick.

Wonder if this was based in any way on F. Forsyth's short story, "The Veteran" which covers the murder (by chavs) of a Mirbat veteran, and the way his ex-CO takes vengeance....?

On second thoughts, the story was nowhere near as violent as this one looks.

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