Harry begins Sandhurst training, etc, blah, blah

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Gunny Highway, May 8, 2005.

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  1. Sorry Sir, M'am for venturing in here, but I've heard so much the last few weeks about HRH starting Sandhurst and how it will be for him (early starts, late finishes, etc) that I want to ask you........ what will it really be like for the Prince of Wales? In my heart of hearts, I really want to believe he'll be up at/going to bed at silly o'clock, iron/wash his own clothes, getting shouted at and eating Army food/rations, and lastly, maybe logon to ARRSE for gossip/advice!! I'd feel a lot better every morning when I get up at 6am for the next 12 months knowing HRH is already up and being shouted at! So, please tell me what it's really going to be like for him, hour by hour, day by day ........ LOL!!
  2. Gunny - thats why we love you.

    Come on commissioned "members" tell us all.....
  3. Good topic and one I will watch with interest. Thing that I wonder about is that he is not actually there alone is he? As a Royal he has a full time bodyguard who in truth if you look into it acts as his gopher as well. Can envisage the photo shoots of HRH on assault courses but would love to see him scratching his bollocks on a pit waiting for the iron.
  4. Wow, this is what I wanted to know! He does have Royal Protection (or, general dogs bodies), so where does the 'protection' end, and HRH's 'life skills' (LOL) start? And Dale, Manchester, next weekend for unprotected seeeeeex!!
  5. The slug gets the diary. You have my number. Maybe we can get our heads together and find out eventually what we are looking for.

    Is Harry busy? Can we kidnap him for the weekend so I can give him some "Slug lurving"?
  6. I want to know what he's doing right now on a Sunday night, first day! Is he buffing the floor for inspection? Getting his locker ready for inspection? Polishing his new boots? Dale...... my tongue, my tongue......
  7. Well, I know he's definitely not phoning his mum to say how things are.
  8. Picky & Minor point I know! But he is not the Prince of Wales! His dad is. Why he is being called O/Cdt Wales I do not know! His surname is Windsor!
  9. Actually no........Officer Cadet Windsor (not Wales) will have to smarten himself up, take in new military skills, fire weapons and learn to give orders.

    And Gunny....here's your answer:

    Instructors at Sandhurst, near Camberley, Surrey, have been ordered not to swear or crack off-colour jokes in front of the Prince, who will be addressed as 'Mr Windsor' throughout the course (Daily Mail)

    So yes, he will be treated differently.
  10. Yeah, but, will he?? I just want to know that he'll have some days when he'll wish he could do a Prince Edward!
  11. He might of Gunny, done Prince Edward already, you know how secret Bucks Palace is.

    I want to know as well, not because I dislike the Royals but because I am tired of people like Charles turning up on the news in all manner of uniform and with unrecognisable medals. THIS IS TRUE, I was a junior soldier, Charles visited and said to a one of the PS:

    "What is that medal for?"
    "Northern Ireland sir,"
    "Oooh, I know what it must have been like, well done young man",

    Bollox! If you also look at brother Andrew's initiation ceremony it was well crafted. Can't remember what exactly happended but it was something to do with him being dressed as Neptune. Fact is though, press were there, pictures in papers. Don't know what the Navy do but if anything like the Army, the grease, broom shanks and hanging from barrels were left out i.e. the real stuff. Will Harry be initiated? And how......ideas welcomed just don't mention his mum eh!
  12. Are you positive that's how it went?

    Shellback ceremony? It's a Navy thing.
    The photographers were likely the usual Navy types, not press. The Navy wouldn't want all the other "real" stuff published, the public doesn't understand.
    That ceremony often comes under critism by civvies as being barbaric
  13. Don't even mention his ....ahem Dad...............
  14. At least he will have pictures of his Granny everywhere!

    Good luck to him and all beginning their initial training.