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Like Nigel or not, he is the only person to stand up for HM.
When is our bluddy PM going to say something.

When his girlfriend tells him to.
I understand the viewing figure for the programme was 17 Million ?

The population of the USA at the start of 2020 was...just over 331 Million !

So, really not a lot of interest on that side of the pond either ?

Hardly Superbowl ratings.

EventViewership (millions)[186][187]DateNetwork
The Day After100.0 (at least)20 November 1983ABC
Super Bowl XXX94.128 January 1996NBC
Super Bowl XXVIII90.030 January 1994NBC
Super Bowl XXVII91.031 January 1993NBC
Super Bowl XX92.626 January 1986NBC
Super Bowl XLVIII112.22 February 2014Fox
Super Bowl XLVII108.73 February 2013CBS
Super Bowl XLVI111.35 February 2012NBC
Super Bowl XLV111.06 February 2011Fox
Super Bowl XLIX114.41 February 2015NBC
Super Bowl XLIV106.57 February 2010CB
RoofRat said:

I understand the viewing figure for the programme was 17 Million ?

Obviously not a direct or clinical comparison, but I can remember Morecambe & Wise easily managing better viewing figures than 17 million!
Being forced to watch this drivel by swmbo. Raging that the Thick ginger Cnut can't get his head around why his security was withdrawn - its so mugs like me don't have to pay for it now your a non royal. Cnuts
Thank you for the confirmation on that.
Note:- How many people do you know that can run up a gambling dept of £4,000,000, and not end up without kneecaps, or propping up a flyover?

I can just imagine what would have happened if the Debt Collector’s were sent. I can picture it now Debt Collectors going toe to toe with guardsmen.
You forget to include the obligatory playing of the race card.

Me, me, me, racism, me, me, me.

Apparently she claimed a member of the royal family was concerned about how black Archie may be.

And she won’t say who said it because it would be damaging to her husband’s family.


So to avoid damaging her husband’s family, she’ll put out the claim and then let the world speculate forever on which member of her husband’s family might have said something racist.

That’s not protecting her husband’s family, that’s encouraging people to accuse, smear and hate her husband’s family.

That strikes me as very nasty, bitter, manipulative, exploitative behaviour that increases racial tension and division.

She has no class.

My bold: She’s American... nuff said.
There seems to be a lot of people on ARRSE who are totally not interested, but also seem to hang onto their every word to show just how not bothered they are.
Not really a big fan of Oprah interviews, I did catch a few minutes of it last night.

For the bits I saw she/they came over as whiney rich brats.
They are stinking rich, the most privileged members of society and they did not have the gumption to sort their own shit out.
"Not enough support?" Welcome to the real world, life is not fair. Put on your big boy pants and get the help you need.

As for Megan not knowing what the Royal Family was all about, I call BS. I have had enough exposure to actors to know they research the hell out of any part they play. She knew full well being a Royal was full time job that was full of BS.

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