Harry and Megan: How long will it last?

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Bit of a kicker for harry, I saw the Princess Royal will be the next Captain General of the Royal Marines.
Met Princess Anne many times and cannot speak highly enough of her, a cash magnet for proper charities such as the victim support scheme and the RNIB.
The Royal Marines, especially their reserves at places like Rotherhithe, hopefully won't have to book two years in advance for a visit, which was all that Phil the Greek could manage back in 2010 when I last arranged policing there.
Just had a look at the 'Bing' headlines page while looking for something else, and noticed a lot of BS headline leaders re someone's 40th as in, 'how M has done many things to save the world' etc. ffs, enough is enough!
I can't believe she was so good at saving the world 'under the radar' until she got involved with media-seeking Harry. He must be such a disappointment to her...


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Markle the Mad. The picture just screams trouble, not sure whether its the claw like hand or the plastic grin. Its a bit like animals in bright colours which is natures way of saying "leave well alone"!


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I see in the media that Prince Harry put in a "cameo" appearance during Megan's latest offering
He was outside the window juggling

The journey is complete

From Prince of the Realm to Performing Monkey.

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