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Nor is Farrage's criticism of him (or rather his choice of spouse. (H's a big boy, I'm sure he can take it.) I doubt Farrage is ever going to be up for any meaningful honours, so wtf; it's his opinion and he's entitled to it and to express it wherever he likes; we stopped hanging, cutting off noses and ears, and branding for criticism of the royals when the Hanoverians went extinct.

That Farrage was speaking and playing to a nominal wannabe republic like Australia was an interesting political gambit which showed them how the UK is changing. Fair play to him, it might play out to our advantage down-under.

You need to look at a much wider vista when it comes to Farrage, he's nobody's fool.
Farage didn't question either mine or the Princes military service. You did, for some reason.

I don't see anyone stopping anyone else from criticising the Royals. All I do is point out the presses bullshit and certain individuals willingness to instantly beleive it.
Looks like Farago is being more open about using the dog-whistling skills he learnt from Bannon.
I wonder how the Heil will spin this, they like to be monarchist but at the same time an awful lot of their readership uses the phrase "half caste" unironically...
The Hanover name for the British monarchy is extinct -- but you knew that -- by two iterations:
Saxe-Coburg and Gotha,
Windsor (and anyone not a future monarch is a Mountbatten-Windsor, Liz made it so).

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