Harry and Megan: How long will it last?

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But in all seriousness seeing some posts with warning label comparing any public Jeering at Megan could be tantamount to the Caroline Flack situation.

Anyone placing bets on who the racist is?

Its not HM Queen
Its not Phil the Greek

I'd cant be Charles as he's into gardening and stuff
Camila? Hmm

Wills and Kate are pretty woke, so it cant be them

Andrew's into kiddies so its not him

Fergie is off the radar so wont be included

Edward? He's into the arts so he has probably nailed his colours to the National Trust and BLM so it cant be him

His mrs? Not really very prominent so I don't think she counts.

Have I missed anyone?
Has it occurred to anybody that the allegation might be founded on the possibility that the alleged "racist" comment may have come from the lips of a curious but innocent child? Those of us who have had children will know that there are times when a young one will, in all curious innocence, say something that makes grown-ups blanche.

Whether or not that is what happened I know not, but if that turns out to be the case, then it shows the low level to which this pair of ********* are prepared to descend to further their vacuous existence and their contrived belief of being the permanent victims.
Well as far as the racist comment goes, I think Meghan was correct to raise it, and it shouldn’t go uninvestigated. It’s abhorrent that, in the 21st century , an unborn child should be subject of questions over what it’s skin tone will be.
Its shocking that Megan’s white heritage should precipitate such remarks.


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YAR but, NO but, We have a special relationship with you septics

I didn't realise we had anything special with those who refer to Irish terrorists as "freedom fighters" though I had forgotten about Biden being Irish (according to him).
After such a grave insult it's time to invade the US. We're a bit short of cash and we need the rent.
'Salright with me. We wouldn't mind a bit of assistance in kicking the squatters off Indian land. If some of your rufty-tufty RMs could run off some of those crackers squatting on a beautiful beachfront property near Biloxi I've had my eye on (near the Old Soldier's Home and the VA Medical Center mind, so I could pick up my pills) that would be great.



I think if Archie had turned out to be a bit dusky I doubt the Queen as head of the Commonwealth would have minded although they might have called him Winston. He could have had his own TV show here as the Fresh Prince of Frogmore Cottage.

I guess Archie, now in the US will be, Archie the boy formerly known as Prince.