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I'm guessing lokiuk's reference was to Hamilton's refusal to condemn the decision to stage a GP in KSA this year? LH was asked by several NGOs and rights groups to speak out/call for a boycott and said something to the effect that cutting off regimes with poor human rights records wasn't productive and there needed to be some engagement (i.e. 'I'm going to participate in the race' - he may have subsequently said this, but I don't hang on his every word. Or on any of them, thinking about it)...
Thanks, I was not aware of the Saudi proposal, Thanks to Arrse every day is a school day


That Suits someone's agenda (SWIDT?) while deflecting from what should be being given thorough scrutiny - individual behaviour.
Exactly that. If the debate is all about other people's behaviour she wins. So she is desperate to deflect criticism of her own behaviour where she can only lose.
Problem is she has tuned in to a lot of preconceived prejudices, BLM, the RF are rotten to non-royal born, and so on.
*Sigh*, many people need to stop and think about things, not just follow fashion like sheep. 'Twas ever so.
damaged goods he might have been but Meghan would do well to listen to a lyric line written by Michel Jackson.
” I’m not going to spend my life being a colour”.
I do wonder what Archie is going to think of his parents fvck up of all this when he,s in his 20’s and has the Jim Bowen moment. “well Archie you COULD have had all this”........
As he watches his estranged grandfather be king and run a commonwealth.
sons have ignored fathers in old peoples homes for less.
what a mess Cap Wales. You thick tw@t.
Isn’t going to be enough in the current febrile atmosphere. Race is very prevalent,, as if we hadn’t noticed.

The thing that comes out of this is that MM puts the accusations out there but doesn’t state who, when and where. She should be obliged to, if only to see how someone who is herself notoriously litigious responds.

I would be genuinely surprised if there was much more than a woolly response about sadness at her character and veracity being doubted.

Meanwhile, the HR investigation is looking at specifics.

In fact, the fact that there hasn’t been an HR procedure thus far rather suggests that The Firm was working to save MM and not itself from embarrassment, no?

Racism be damned.
I saw some article that had all the press, front pages etc... for Meghan, with a time line of her 'position'.

It was glowing, flattering and complimentary all the way up to when she realised that she was still only ever going to be B-list behind Wills & Kate, then she/they started preaching, 'no one ever asks me' etc... and then it went down hill the more aggressive she became, went to Canada, then straight to LA, treating everyone like mugs.

There's zero hint of racism, plenty of criticism for a petulant child.
There's a few additional clips to be aired on CBS This Morning in it he says:

Harry says he doesn't like sitting around in Windsor and doesn't like England much.

I hope any Brit will afford his the same courtesy.


There's a few additional clips to be aired on CBS This Morning in it he says:

Harry says he doesn't like sitting around in Windsor and doesn't like England much.

I hope any Brit will afford his the same courtesy.
So that makes it easy.


*Insert swear word of choice here.


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Well like mother-in-law and her Panda eyed interview, the poor racially abused Princess Pushy seems intent on airing to the world how hellish her life...”I can’t breathe”... had become.

The anguished and tortured look of a sensitive and mortally wounded doe does credit to her training as a Suit’s ‘almost’ leading lady.

Her Hollywood training and life long drive to become a real Princess show a steely determination, she now has her sights on the inappropriately (racially) named 'White House’, no doubt she’ll be wanting to change that.

As for Harry, he seemed to be along for the ride, tugged along by his gonads. His sister has a bigger pair and may well take his place as the new Captain General RM, more power to her. Now she, is a British Royal Princess, who follows her Mother's example of what duty to the Nation means.
Do you mean his Aunt, Princess Anne, the Princess Royal?

Harry has one sibling, William.
Woke up this morning, turned on the TV and the first thing I hear is Megan whinging about, "suicidal thoughts" and how the Royals discussed whether or not her sprog would be born with a suntan.
Did Oprah The Hutt tell her, "Now now, Honey Chile. It's across the wrist you want to go, not up with your blade. That will sort it." :thumright:


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I don’t think the royal family will come off too well regardless of public opinion seemingly against H&M. As I’ve said before, they are attempting to defend against a 21st century insurgency - with 19th century generals and tactics.
An Oprah Winfrey interview was always going to have an impact and it's clear that the usual suspects have jumped on the bandwagon - I suspect with many of the celebrities who've commented primed to do so beforehand.

It's always a mistake to respond immediately and often a mistake to respond at all, especially as this is a race-based attack. Apart from anything else, they'd simply feed the story. An essentially white and British institution can't deal with this head on and overnight, particularly in today's febrile climate.

Meghan's previous behaviour looks as though it may be the subject of an employment tribunal and there's going to be lots of other stuff - over time, her facade will be chipped away. The RF's strategy is, and always should be, the long game and it would be a mistake to be hustled out of it.

As an aside, it would be interesting to see the reaction of Markle's US rent-a-mob on learning that the baby would face far more abuse in the UK for being ginger, and publicly, than ever it would for being anything else.
Haven't seen the transcript and won't watch it either.

However, BBC breakfast quoted her as saying one thing about the colour issue, whereas she said something different - but beeb has to make it a bigger story. Apparently this was actually something fed to her by Harry, so why wasn't he saying it?.

From World Service snatches I accidentally caught overnight MM's outpourings were shortened versions of Nostradamus but not about the future.

Harry's tone and delivery was broken sentences and in an odd tone, as though seeking reassurance as he delivered his lines.
when he,s in his 20’s and has the Jim Bowen moment. “well Archie you COULD have had all this”........
A speedboat, a 'Bully' Tankard and a set of cheap darts?


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