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Harry and Megan: How long will it last?

How long

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I'll have a fiver on pregnancy announced around christmas - timed to coincide with the "review" of their situation in March or wheneverv that is. Something else will be released along the lines of Meghan being rushed into hospital, this will be aimed at making anything decided by HMQ that is seen as punishment- to flow contray to public opinion.
Lifted from the BBC's web-site:

So Harry mopped his tears with his knuckles and then mopped hers too. "Cheer up Princess, I'll dry your eyes"
Oh dear, I feel a country and western song coming on.
My first thought when hearing cheater Maradona had od’d was that Meagain gonna be pissed!




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I have to feel sympathy for them having had similar tragedies in my family, however this is an intensely personal loss which is better suffered in private and not be trumpeted in public through interviews and splashed across the front page of news papers, I thought that they wanted anonymity, this behaviour lends the lie to that .
Exactly my thoughts on the matter.

They hate the press, unless they want to use it for their own ends. Such hypocrites.


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This stinks to me of being part of a series of scheduled PR releases. Standby for another pregnancy being announced just in time for christmas. The juxtaposition of her "miscarriage" and that will be deemed by her team as an ideal way to dig into gullible hearts.
She’s interchangeable with Katie Price, then?
How long until her 12 strong pr team start to suggest that it's the stress of the court case against the mail that caused it.

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How long until her 12 strong pr team start to suggest that it's the stress of the court case against the mail that caused it.

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I thought that PR release was penciled in for Jan 12th?
She is the worst of human scum. At least Hitler managed to enact some of his evilness. She's dumb af flailing like a fat bastard in 10,000 pulverised jelly doughnuts.


About 20 years ago my wife nearly had a miscarriage. I don’t remember the medical term, but we were trying for a baby, the egg was fertilised and the body’s pregnancy response kicked in. The egg apparently died within minutes, but the body wasn’t told and continued to think it was pregnant. We told immediate family that we were going to have a baby and everything was fine and my wife started to gain weight until the three month scan. The nurse said (very coldly I thought) “no, nothing there” and we were devastated, absolutely in bits for weeks. Again we only told immediate family (parents and siblings) and eventually life went on and we got over it. The only consolation was that there wasn’t actually a dead baby involved, but that didn’t minimise the pain we felt.

The thought of monetising that grief is disgusting. The thought that Markle has actually invented the whole thing, which is a distinct possibility, is beyond disgusting.

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