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Harry and Megan: How long will it last?

How long

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;) Very few style icons left in SA now.
Have you seen the state of his shorts ?

The poor mite obviously doesn't like sun on his legs, but then he is a Septic.
It's the ultimate poker game .
IF they do come over , they HAVE to bring the kids .
It's show of hands time .
If they don't come at the last minute , everyone will know the kids are only borrowed props and the scandal and public ridicule will sink them
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First time I've heard her say anything with which I agree.
"Fashion is a way of expressing yourself. Arse."

It's not a high bar, so does Lardbeast.

I resent your implication that I'm a fashion victim, Dingaan.

I find my ensemble of dangerous tramp quite adequate for the social encounters I wish to experience.

View attachment 785451 ;) Very few style icons left in SA now.

...And you can stick that chapeau and those bloody denims up your arse and break them off, rooinek.
Invictus problems. Where's the money?
And how much do the Pair cost them?
If IG goes breasts skywards then what does Harry have to do? Wife will be diva on any joint projects and she is going more solo now.
Them chickens will be well fed though.

Also according to NS when said diva was hustled along that red carpet she got shirty with the lady doing her job. "You don't usher royals'. Interesting insight.
Apparently she was not best pleased to hear shouts of Meghan as she prefers Duchess.