Harry and Megan: How long will it last?

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I see TCMM has decided to **** the party line and back an extremist group who are causing wide spread criminality back in the UK. That will go down like a fart in a sauna with the proper Royals back home.

Luckily for her, she's hiding across the Atlantic. I wonder if PTG is able to call Op SUSSEX DOWN in the US, in the same way that Op SPENCER DOWN was called in France?
Aren't we due for another publicity seeking stunt from the @murican pair, to keep themselves on the B List rather than sliding towards the Z List?
Dear oh dear... what fun he must be having. Time of his life n all that. A self obsessed wife, the MiL for company and instructing on how to bring up his offspring the American Way, the Covid situation keeping him away from the contacts he needs if he's a hope of any meaningful work, the BLM that he's going to have to pander to and take a knee every 30 minutes for to keep her indoors sweet.... and to cap it all Liza Minelli as a companion who'll be introducing him to a large circle of octogenarians smelling of wee and talcum powder... is Liza Minelli the best he could do in a city crammed full of A Lister celebs? Dear God... he can't even take the Mess Webley and retire to the drawing room to end it all as the missus is anti-guns...
Not as clever as she thinks and has made them toxic to the people she wanted to court and irrelevant to the the people who mattered. Missed the mark at every waypoint. ...And has dumped her (admittedly cack-handed snowflake) best friend for being racist to curry favour with the latest group she's hoping to get in with. So much goodwill thrown away, to no profitable end.
None of us really know but even living in a multi million pound/dollar house his life seems like a living hell to me. Sort of how his mother must have felt with the Royals.
I'll bet a £ to a pinch of shite that Harry is wondering how he ever got into this shitstorm, how he can get out of it and how he can come home. He is probably in a very bad place in his mind.

He should have got married, given up his royal status, then gone back in the army. Of course Megan wouldn't have approved, but fook'er, the manipulative harpy.

As for BLM....they're knuts.

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