Harry and Megan: How long will it last?

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Just why are those of us who genuinly served and paid taxes now having to pay for the secuirit of this mega rich family ?
Because it annoys republican arseholes.


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You are very right. We don't know what the discussions were but I guess the decision was either you're in or you're out - you can't cherry pick. Who decides the diary and who decides the priority The conflict between Duty, The Firm or making money is huge. I know it has been mentioned in other posts but a good example is the Disney Premier versus the Royal Marines Deal Commemoration. That was almost a game changer. Was H "persuaded" by M to push for a role? It was all very awkward.

M still has her "support network" and her game plan. H is very much adrift and now can't attend a function at a military base and then and adjourn to the mess and have a laugh and a few drinks with the lads.

Unfortunately as the influence and relevance falls away, the patronage of charities may also fall and that is another safety net removed.
I am sure he would be welcome at the Wincanton Veterans' Breakfast on Saturday.


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because it’s yesterday’s news. Torygraph now moved onto plundering the Titanic
And economic success after 1st February, whilst outperforming our continental superstate neighbour financially during 2019 ...


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Good to see Meghan out and about again, not staging photos for the press she hates, not looking at all worried about her and Archie's privacy at all. No Sir'ee bob.
Do I detect a teensy weensy hint of cynicism in your post?


Not seen but I am guessing that you mean Garter King of Arms who is effectively Chief Herald, in charge of the College of Arms which oversees the granting and licit use of titles.
As Sussex is a Dukedom (not a Duchy, it is purely titular) created for Prince Harry and a Royal Dukedom at that, granted by Her Majesty, they must not be able to use the brand name Sussex as he has to relinquish his ‘Royal’ status and not use it to promote whatever tat or ‘message’.

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That'll accelerate the demise if that goes through, poor ol Megsy no longer a princess, not even allowed to use Royal :D
Yup but I really do not think Harry cares much now, he is free & is a bankable asset, HRH or not.
He & Megan are looking at make programs for Netflix, expect a multi $$$ deal.
If he was stripped of HRH he would be expected to bow to the Yorks 2 brats, that will not happen.
Harry is son & brother of future Kings so he will keep it but it will be a fine line!
Even if he does not or is not permitted to use his HRH title he is still a prince of the blood and senior to Beatrice & Eugenie in the line of succession. He is 6th and they are 9th & 10th respectively.

I make no claims to being a constitutional expert but I'm wondering if Harry in his conversations with his granny said something along the lines of "let me go my own way or I'll renounce any claim in the line of succession". Brenda, being fully aware of the kerfuffle caused by King Edward VIII's abdication (and has vowed never to abdicate herself), probably wouldn't want to see a constitutional crisis arise because of it. If Harry formally does not use his royal titles, but has not been stripped of them, there is a way back into the firm if circumstances change in the future.

I have no axe to grind with Harry, he's served Queen and country and done his bit. A Royal that's gone to war. However, as much as he may wish to fade into the background he will never have the luxury of living an ordinary life like the rest of us, there will always be someone pointing a lens at him, he can never get away from that. Maybe he doesn't want to.
Will Archie be educated at Eton, FAME dance academy NY or a local state school in Canada?
With the way Trudeau has slipped in popularity, it’s only a matter of time before he ends up teaching drama at a Canadian private school again, won’t it be grand Archie being taught by a family friend. At least when he grows to his late teens and attends parties in fancy dress like his dear old dad did, he’ll have a mentor who can teach him how to wear blackface properly.......


Just why are those of us who genuinly served and paid taxes now having to pay for the secuirit of this mega rich family ?
Remember that Churchill got through WW2 with just Inspector Thomson and his Colt 45. And there were a lot of people who would liked to kill him. Who would want to assassinate H & M?


Old Harry isn't the sharpest knife in the draw clearly, he has chosen to exile himself to a paparazzi paradise Island (and a country)that is in an almost perpetual winter this winter "wonderland" that is likely to become his own gulag soon, he's going to feel like Papillon shortly and cabin fever is almost certain to set in when she starts to see him round the house a little to often....and having once lived on an island myself for a short while i speak with some knowledge almost everyone on them have some issue in life, as he has now confirmed.

Watching his little speech under that massive cannabis bud the other night reminded me of Jonathan atkins speech ie the trusty sword of truth crap that ended in him being jailed, Barry was it seems trying so very hard to justify himself and portray himself as a kind of spartacus figure "doing the honourable thing" with nasty people all around, ;like he's the only one in the room with problems.

If he wanted to do the "honourable thing firstly he'd get his wife to clarify "racism" played no part in their decision to leave, he hasn't and secondly that the money for his cottage {lol} will be paid straight away., unlikely..he'd also dry his fucking eyes and stop using his dead mother as his personal shield.

Lastly the words of my old dad come back to me every so often that of a woman is always right,...until she's wrong....in other words when its time to be a man and put your foot down you do so....but its a bit late for that.....he's fucked. its when not if he returns with his tail between his legs having shat on the one woman almost everyone in this country respects..

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