Harry and Megan: How long will it last?

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Sounds Australian. Remember they brought us Dwarf tossing and Dwarf bowling
Yeah. I thought the first might be a good idea, if a trifle sleazy, and then I discovered they meant throwing. :confused:


I'm sure the CPO will have one of these handy


"Oh dear, the duchess fainted amidst all the excitement..."
One can only hope…
I doubt she would want to be in a room alone with Sophie. Sophie DID complete her degree, worked in actual PR, ran her own agency, understands people and situations.........and would not need to lay a finger on her.
Which is actually a better fit for the RF.
Chop them off at the knees and the first they realise is when they try to walk away.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Tatty old bit (the sailors friend)

Tatty old bit, the sailors friend.PNG

Courtesy of The Perishers Any similarity to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental. Sort of.
She is deeply attracted to men in uniform, hence her nickname of 'the Sailors' Friend', though in reality Tatty is attracted to pretty much anything male
God I loved them, especially the summer hols with 'the eyeballs in the sky!'
Nacho Figuero's wife posted a picture of a post-polo match BBQ a day or so after Uvalde visit. This has now been taken down from the internet.

So was her picture of 'the real stars of the match' at the cup-hoisting debacle event - a rear view of team ponies on the picket line.

Someone's vanity scrubbing of the net is still taking place.

Meanwhile, in the real world, we are teetering on continental war, American educational establishments are treated like shooting ranges, we are still recovering from the social, physical and economic effects of a world pandemic, a rise in suicide rates, homelessness and real fear of a huge hike in living costs......personally I am glad I live out here facing reality than living in anything as blindly delusional as Stalag Sussex.
oho - now saying she will reconcile - in private, no film, no pics - with her father and has' reached out to his camp' - because she can't talk to her sister Same due to the court case, where she stated her sister had her 3 kids taken into care. Sam and facts deny this.