Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Proximo, Jul 6, 2005.

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  1. As requested by Abacus...'Purveyor and Dealer of Fine Second Hand Clothing to Tree-Huggers Everywhere'...

    ...just make shure you record this in the Register of Members' Interests! :D
  2. I also wish to record that I recently met, and had a very pleasant lunch, with a delegation from the 'Human Embryo Experimentation Quango' who wished me to approve their policy of allowing unrestricted experimentation on...amazingly...human embryos. As the pate was particularly fine (although the meat pie was a little...chewy), I acquiesced, and henceforth my industrious scientists will be able to fully explore the secrets of squashy babies.
  3. In response to a written question:

    Today I shall mostly be wearing Other People's Old Clothes. (Isn't the quarty the funniest guy you've ever met!)

    Today I shall also be watching the slugster's region while she is otherwise engaged but shall have to relinquish this task early pm as I shall be otherwise engaged myself.

    On my return this Friday, I intend returning to Arrseonia proper where I shall endorse the highest bidder - assuming my own nation survives my absence.
  4. My visit on behalf of the House has been extended as I find an interesting situation developing between our Minister for Jock Insertion (The Rt Hon Lairdx MAP) and the denizens of a realm known as The Union of United Republic. I believe that they are unaware of my status as one of The Rt Hon Darth_Doctrinus MAP's minions (I would try close colleague but he is a MOD with the powers of edit after all) and so remain to see where I might aid my close friend and fellow porridge wog:

    Latest posts as follows - I have omitted Lairdx's as we are aware of how charming and wonderfully loquacious he can be.

    The final comment gives me an idea. Mr. Speaker, I would be grateful if you would call our friend The Rt Hon Lairdx MAP to the House so that he may express his views amongst friends and so that we may best devise a method by which we could give him the greatest assistance.
  5. I have summoned my driver to transport me to this Community as part of a MAP-sponsored Outreach programme... :D

    Edited to add: Gosh - what a load of weepy gits! I really hope that Lairdx kicks 'em all out for being snot-covered morons. :D
  6. The ARRSEr who rules the 'Fiefdom of a Criminal Mastermind' is hereby notified that the paperwork recommending you for an award (which could possibly be the 'Mmmmmmmm!') has been staffed up the chain and you should hear about it within 6 months.

    Adjt - lock this in the safe until we know.

    Mod Edit: Sorry Abacus - clicked the wrong button!! Ooooops!
  7. Ladies and Gemtlemen we have a new visitor:

  8. It won't come anywhere near The Homelands of Arrseonia...believe me.
  9. ^ see your pm
  10. Whereas, and in so much as, it having been recorded in committee elsewhere in this Parliament,

    Mr speaker, I wish to bring this to the attention of the House in this STICKY bit so that we do not forget about it once we have finished with the Russian Mafia in Allied Carpetland.
  11. Good call Abacus - with this bl00dy courts-martial on I'm not getting my (ahem ahem) ARRSE time in as much as I should and I'm missing loads of Arrseonia stuff - I blame Dozy for not keeping me looped in.

    Anyway, I'd be much obliged if we could keep an eye on this chap for later on...I think it's high time he joins 'Last Castle' in the dustbin of history.
  12. The following nations had the highest proportion of citizens designated in UN studies as either "Uneducated" or "Just Plain Dumb".

    1. The Republic of U_U_R in Disguise