Harrogate: worth it?


Hi all. I'm determined to join the army but unsure where to start. I was thinking of Harrogate or an ATR since I'm only 16 but then I only go in as a junior recruit. I'll have to stay in school until next year to go in as a standard entry recruit so I'd prefer to sign up sooner since I'm failing my highers faster than sailors drop their kegs.

I've yet to go to a careers advisor which I'll do this weekend but what I want to know is how fit should I be? I do around 4+ miles on the treadmill (they mug joggers in this town) about 2-3 times a week and I do a 30 min workout with pullup bar/dumb-bells in between treadmill days. I'm not too worried about academic stuff since I have 8 GSCEs at A/B and I'm reasonably smart. Also what will the people at Harrogate be like? I'm kind of a tit so I don't know what to expect...

Thanks for any help.


I didn't go to harrogate, but i've just spent 9 months on a course with 2 lads that did and they regretted it. I've been in 18 months where as they have been in 2 and a half years and are in the exact same place as me, some of them have longer on their minimum service date than me (not that that means anything) but your 4 and a half year minimum service starts at 18, at least it did 18 months ago.

Its not to say its bad, people tend to get bitter about things when their stuck in Chatham.

I don't know about in the long run, wheather the big wigs look at the fact you joined as a junior soldier and take it into account as you try to advance in your career. It will mean you do an extra years service to the adult entry guys in your phase 2 and so be a pay band higher than them, and if your hearts set on the army as a career and you have no desire to carry on education it seems reasonable to join through harrogate.

Just consider that you can't stay in the army forever, and extra quals will provide options later in life, incase the army is not what you hoped, or maybe even help you advance your career once you are in, what are you hoping to join as?


I'd like to join the paras or failing that simply the infantry. I've actually checked if I'm in the age range for the standard entry now so I may be able to go straight to Catterick, if I apply after may (my 17 birthday). As for quals I have my gcses at least. I'll see what the carrers adviser says anyway. Thanks for the advice. :)

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