Harrogate today

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by RoyalEngineers, Sep 9, 2007.

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  1. 3 of who I consider to be my good mates, 2 from cadets, have gone to harrogate today.

    1 was being begged not to go, and so clearly is gonna be feeling down.

    What I said was that everyone is in the same boat, you're all gonna feel the same and so the friendships will be strong.

    Now then, out of personal interest, what happens when you arrive? Do they confiscate stuff? Do you get beasted straight off as a short sharp shock?

    I can't wait :D
  2. Depends on your troop staff, I didnt in my basic straight away, but I see other troops coming in that did.

    1st week is always a holiday week realy though.
  3. yeah they remove all personal effects, tie you up, blind fold you, do u up the poop chute then throw you in a broom cupboard for an hour or two.

    Keep smiling and have a nice time :lol:
  4. and this
  5. You turn up, get a company tracksuit and put it on, then sit about till scoff. Get 'marched' to scoff as no one knows any drill its just a walk. Then you get shown round the camp the next day, get to know who is in your section, you platoon staff, do medicals and get put into education groups then wait till you get issued your kit from stores.
    Nothing gets taken of you apart from knives if you take one, but you cant use your phone till after 6 or anything electrical.
    Any more qu's feel free to drop me a pm.