Harrogate September 2008

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Mr.Bojangles, Mar 20, 2008.

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  1. Hey,

    Just a thread to see who is all going to AFC Harrogate in September.
    I've spoke to some people already who are going.
    I know its abit early but why not.

    So, Whos all going and what you going in as?

    Edit:for Spelling : :oops:
  2. I'm going :)
    PWRR 2nd battalion light role (Infantry)
    What about yourself :?
  3. Royal Artillery Radar Op.

    Have you got a garanted space,or just hoping to go?
  4. Waiting for my RG8 forms to clear,
    The I can continue the process up until selection!
    And granted I do well and pass everything,I'll be given a place :)
  5. same waitin for these forms to process, anyone have any idea when the adsc would be for anyone wanting to join reme??
  6. I'm hoping to go lads, got deferred for a heart murmur from selection but have got that cleared and going back for selection in 2 week.
    I'm hoping to go in as a I.S Enginner in the Signals
  7. Secured a place - I start 7th September.
    Royal Artillery.
    Observaton Post Assistant.

    Bojangles - I checked.
    AFC & Larkhill. We will probably be same regt through AFC.
    Doubtfully in Larkhill though - as trade is different. Never know though.
    Good news! :)

    It doesn't vary for job. It varies on how soon you get everything else sorted.
  8. 1 Royal Anglian Regiment
    RG8 Forms were cleared today (passed)
    Waiting on a date for my first out of two interview date(s)

  9. You got your dates then? I'm still waiting on mine, ahd my 2nd interview last thursday, how long does it usually take?
  10. After your 2nd interview mate should be around 2-3 weeks and you should be going down for selection. What selection centre you going to?.
  11. I should be going :) just had my Medical forms cleared and going for my interveiw wednesday, Joining Royal Engineers or AAC anyone else going for them?
  12. Add me on Messenger for those joining AFC Harrogate in September '08


  13. im there now, if any of you's have any burning questions about the place pm me
  14. I'm hoping to get there but i very much doubt it now as my medical has been deferred and i don't know for how long .. ahh well enjoy it all
  15. Dan what for?
    you could still be in for a chance. It`s 5 months away after all.