Harrogate or as levels

Which one?

  • Harrogate

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  • As levels then catterick

    Votes: 5 55.6%

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I'm come to a point on wether I want to go to Harrogate or join a sixth form college and get AS levels, I don't want to do a levels. I have no intention of becoming an officer with the exception of possibly joining in later army career. I want to join the rifles and I'm wondering wether to join afc Harrogate at 16 or join at 17 in catterick. I know in Harrogate I'd get some qualifications, I only want AS levels for after I leave as I will not be a tradesman. Cheers for any advice
Judging by your raping of the English language I would suggest stay in school until you have passed your GCSE's.

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Get your exams out of the way. The Army will still be there in 2 years time, trust me - it isn't going anywhere!
Do a trade at harrogate. You'll get to be a soldier and gain qualifications, win win situation fam

You don't do trades at Harrogate. You do CMS(R) and depending if you are long or short course, AT and some education. Trades are taught at Phase 2 and 3 establishments.