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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Alex.Clark, Oct 21, 2007.

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  1. Currently undergoing the process for selection into Harrogate 08.
    Harrogate is located in North Yorkshire, which is 270 odd miles from my home (Totton near Southampton).

    This obviously means I won't be planning to go home most weekends. Maybe the odd one but not every one.

    I was wondering - you are allowed to stay on campus through the weekend are you not? Would seem silly not to.

    48 Hour Free Gym :D Sounds awesome.
  2. You can stay on camp every weekend if you want, Leeds and York are both near bye to go and waste your wages in. Most lads do stay on camp for the weekends unless you finish work on the Friday.
    From memory the gym isn't open on Sundays and closes early on the Saturday.
  3. Thanks for the feedback.
    Take it you went to Harrogate then?

    Anything worth going to on weekends in York then?
  4. To be honest most weekends you'll be too busy sorting kit to go out and about too much, and certainly in the first 6 weeks you'll be gated so wont leave the camp at all without the Instructors.
    After that you get your first leave period when you'll go home and once you've passed in although techincally weekends are your own theres always something for you to do, extra PT, etc especially if you've managed to annoy your Cpls too much.

    When I was working there alot of the JS would go in to Harrogate for the day but very few stayed out unless they were going somewhere over night or planning on drinking (since all alcohol is banned due to you being under 18).
  5. Oh don't remind me. :(

    By the way guys: I heard for Harrogate because it's juniors. You can enter (infantry) for junior level as minimum 1.5 runtime at 14mins at selection. Not the normal 10 mins at adult level.

    Is this the case??
  6. It is, but obviously they would prefer you to be sub 10.30.
    Leeds has some good shops in it, York more for the elderly. Alot of the time you will be working till 1200 on the Saturday so most people just use the Sunday to sleep and prepare kit for the Muster Parade on Monday.