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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by SoldierBeesley, Oct 2, 2007.

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  1. So is it true that all the girls down at Harrogate love the army lads and that all the civvy lads hate the squaddies? lol my cousion was at Harrogate and said the girls are slags and the lads want to bash you for getting off with there girl...

    replys are welcome :)
  2. May I be the first to say... Wah?
  3. I say old chap, surely a toff such as yourself wouldnt be associating yourself with such ruffians.
  4. i believe that the second half is true most places. forces guys are easy to spot a mile off, and its not that hard to get into some trouble with a local inbred.

    and if the girls are slags, then probably they love ALL lads, not just army lads
  5. The girls love the squaddies because they have cash! The local boys probably dont. Squaddies are also something new, not someone the girls have seen every day since nursery!
  6. not as bad as manchester i should think :twisted: hehehe
  7. Ill have you know Manchester isnt full of slags.... only partially full of em :D
  8. Yeah thats someting similiar to what my cousion had said, the girls could spot you a mile off, like he was in Mcdonalds with his mates one day and they noticed he was a squaddie just by the way they had all put there wallets in there right, back pocket :S:| ... these girls sound desperate, I cant wait!! lmao
  9. haha, beesley you sound desperate!
    You going up in January?
  10. Its not true at least no more so than anywhere else and if youre in town and any of the publicans think your a junior they'll bar you and call the AFC. Other than that Harrogates a lovely place (I hear the NAAFI JRC foods got better since I stopped cooking it but the cook house has got worse). Good luck with it though.
  11. haha not me mate, altho i wouldnt mind a bit of catty while im up there haha!! and ye man Im up there january if all goes well 2nd time at selection what about you mate?

  12. Guess my ex is one =)

    Still i have never being to Harrogate. But hey a man can dream =)
  13. Yea i've got my place, been waiting since May.
    What you get defferred for?
    Anyway Good Luck next time round
  14. I got defferred for a heart murmur mate, yeah im pretty confident that ill pass next time round lol
  15. alriht there mate
    ive had mine since may aswel
    wt date did u go on selection i was selction 3/4 may