Harrogate entry - medical form?

Hi can anyone help me please, I'm wondering what the medical requirements are for joining Harrogate? Is it as simple as taking a form to your GP and getting them to complete it? I only ask as my GP charges loads to complete forms so I may ask a family friend to do it for me instead as he's a doctor so any info greatly appreciated
It requires them to have access to your medical records, which I don't think your friend is supposed to have. The important thing is the dates of your vaccinations and suchlike. There should also be a form for your optician if you have any kind of corrective lenses.
I guess I could request copies of my doctors records and give them to my doctor friend to post off.... just trying to avoid paying hideous costs
Doesn't the Army pay a flat fee for this info direct to the Doc, I didn't pay anything!
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