Harrogate age limit and alternatives

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Little_Lion_Man, Jan 10, 2011.

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  1. Morning all. Can anyone confirm the upper age limit for AFC Harrogate, because on one army website it says seventeen and one month at start of course and seventeen and five? If it's seventeen and five then fine, but if it's seventeen and one I'll be two months too old. What will happen then? Will they make an exception or will I have to do something else? If so, what?

    Also, is march a good time to start my application? Due to trouble with the law that's the earliest I can start applying, otherwise I'd have started applying at the end of may last year. I'm sixteen and six at the moment. Any help appreciated.
  2. wgat you have to ask yourself mate id do you realy want to go to harrogate when if you wait till your 17 and 2 you can do a 26week course instead of the 42 week + 26 weeks that you do as junior at haoorgate

    if you are too old when you finally get through all the tests and whatnot then you will just go in as a senior , thats what happened to me mate all my mates and me went to join at the same time , they all ended up going as juniours and cos im about 3 months older than them , there all at winchester now and im waiting to go in as a senior.
  3. OK Crowbag your totally wrong with that fact as Infantry (if it what the OP wants) he would do 42 weeks Harrogate followed by around 12 weeks of ICT at Catterick (they have already done the first part of ICT whilst at AFC) Also I would definately think of doing JE if your still eligable as it does get the junior soldiers up to a very good standard and mature better as your all working together in the same age range...remember if you went to ITC as a Adult soldier you can be working with ages between 17 and 33.

    To answer the original question Harrogate is between 16 - 17.5 and Winchester 16 - 17.1 ( but maybe upped to 17.5 at some stage)

    If your ineligable at the moment due to Convictions on your Rehabilitation of Offenders Act form then go in as soon as they are SPENT...maybe worth going in to the ACIO for a quick chat so they can confirm when your eligable. In the mean time work on your fitness and join some clubs to work on team skills etc. The Recruiter can advise you more.
    Remember at Harrogate you can go in as Infantry, RAC, RA and RLC driver and pioneer.

    Regarding the initial question
  4. I see you have a bright future in the Profesion of Arms.
  5. Excellent answer, thanks. It'll be spent in march, so I'll talk to my YOT chappie and then get the ball rolling as soon as.

    crow-bag, why would anyone want to skip AFC Harrogate if they were given the chance to go? I need the extra qualifications.

    chocolate_frog, what?
  6. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    You asked for alternatives to Harrogate: here's one Untitled Document Not endorsing it, but it might be another way forward for you.
  7. right well im not saying theres anything wrong with going but i know with experience from friends and family members that going and doing the course that long can put some people off joining and im sure there is a high DAOR right from the junior colleges , but i do think they are a good idea and i wish i could of went to wincheste.r THE_IRON i get your point that when i go in im gonna be only just comming up on 18 and everyone else could be upto the age of 32 and it would of been better for me to go to a junior college.
  8. You will surely wish you went to ATFC Winchester... from their website Army Technical Foundation College

  9. oddly enough i have A grade gcse's in english lanuage and literature - im still shit at spelling ad writing though , so sadly because i am a few months too old i will never learn how to spell and write :(