Harrogate AFC advice

Ok I'm 16, have my GCSE's in a month or so, expecting some good results.

This is just a general grab for some advice. I know I want to join the army sometime in my life, and I've been thinking that Harrogate would be a great place to start, I havent been in the cadets or anything, but have read up alot, got prospectors etc. Would go in for infantry. Always wanted to "fight for queen and country", travel, have a sense of belonging.

Basically from what I've read Harrogate has amazing facilities and gives me a good chance to get some decent qualifications for the opportunity to go onto Sandhurst etc.

This is somewhat last minute thinking, seeing as unless I go there in September, I wont be able to go later on down the line.

Anyone shed some light on what I could do? Does it give a good start into my army life? If I were to leave it, go on to do A-Levels at a local college then join the army at 18 what are my options?

Cheers for any replies,


Have you been to your local AFCO? The best thing to do is go their for information.

Harrogate is a great place to start I am to start my career there in September but I think it will be too late for you to get their in September, although I could be wrong.....the next intake after September is January.
Yeah I've got a meeting with my local careers officer.

I heard that you have to be under 17 and 1 month to get into Harrogate? and as I'm 17 in September....
Just go for it mate. I'm going there in September also, looking forward to it. If your 17 when you start that should be fine, but as Zega said it may be a bit late now for the September intake.

Harrogate is a state of the art facility and if you have half a chance of going there then go for it.
If you want quals for sandhurst, have you thought about Welbeck?

Again the ACIO will be able to help.

Harrogate is a blinding facility that will set you up for life in the Army. But don't focus on it to closely, esp as this will be a fast descision.

Talk to the ACIO. At this stage in the game you have several options.

1. Join Harrogate, you may miss Sept 07 intake, but there are others shortly after that you could get in on.

2. Welbeck - the Defence 6th Form college for all FOUR services. (I hated the term Tri-service but Quad-service, which includes the Civil Service, is taking hte cake). Any hoo, A levels on offer, CCF and a lot of training and experiences to get you in to the service that you want to get in to.

More here http://www.welbeck.mod.uk/index.html

Downer is Infantry isn't really supported by this college.

3. 6th form college, and join the local TA (when old enough). You can then join the Regs at a later date or can continue to get educted ie degree and then join.

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