Harrogate - 79C. 30 years next year.....

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Santa_Sunday, Apr 26, 2008.

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  1. In Sep 09 it will be 30 years since the finest group of degenerates, knobheads and bellends ever to waltz through the gates of Uniacke Barracks joined up.

    If we get our shite in a pile now, we could sort out a get-together that would be an appropriate celebration to mark the event.

    I’m sure the AFC (or whatever they call Penny Pot these days) could put us up if we asked nicely……….

    Anyone interested (still serving or out - it matters not) in getting something jacked up...??

  2. Yep, assuming my wife will let me out

    although I am sure I can't be THAT old.

    I wont have room to pack my long blue shorts, so will not be running the crags.
  3. Santa. You know, God willing, that I will be there.

    Will we include the wnakers from the B Intake too?

    I will start a trawl at Twickers next week.


    You know it makes sense.
  4. How you getting on with this.

    11th September 911, this what it means to me
  5. 79c.... simply the best!

    As part of the 30 year celebration.... i think we should throw the pool table outta the top window at the Gluepot! Kick the crap outta everybody in the Dalesgate! Have a few pints in the Alex. Go for a Pizza in Capt Nemo's before finishing the night off with a bop and "Fisticuffs" in Annabella's. You know.... like we used to do! lol

    What a great time! Rawson, Rawson rah, rah, rah! :lol:

    Count me in.
  6. i fully concur with all of the above - particularly the pool table bit, a particularly memorable night out
  7. this was the post i meant to concur with - kindly disregard my previous post
  8. We must surely know each other.

    Rawson Boys, Rawson Boys.....laced up boots.... :D

  9. I thought it was "Hallo, hooray what a lovely day for the Rawson Rifles, Rawson Rifles."... whist following the winning march and shoot team back frtom the gates to the range.

    By the way, last time i went to Harrogate Captain Nemos was called "the petit Pois", and the streaker sandwich wasn't on the menu. Gutted
  10. Deary me.... bit of creeping outta the woodwork going on here! Hark.... i hear the sound of distant skeletons rattling in the proverbial cupboard, lol!

    Champion Squadron!!!!! Hmmmm, if memory serves.... didn't we (Rawson) have the coveted red lanyard on at our Graduation? Now THERE was a parade. Nearly 800 soldiers on the square.... brilliant!

    Wot else springs immediately to mind! Exercise FIST.... wot a barsteward that was. Skiing in Aviemore, lol. "Yellow Perils" all over the ski slope. Mr Green teaching Physics, Bill Dunbar instructing keyboards. L beep.... F beep.... Y beep.... U beep, lol! Ice skating in Bradford. Sgt Aitkin, Sgt Barrett and Sgt Matthews as Troopies! "Waiting on" in the Sergeants' Mess. Shoveling coke around the Boiler house on ROP's. Blah, blah, blah. Crikey.... the memories!

    I'm getting all misty here, snuffle! :crying:
  11. i was particularly pleased as a 79c recruit in Rawson Sqn to see the colour of the football strip we were forced to buy (along with a track suit et al) as at least it was a fair approximation of my beloved team - and that was probably the only bit of joy in the first five weeks!
  12. Bump.... back to the top!

    Where are all the other 79c'ers? We can't ALL be dead!

    Remember the dreaded "in" phrase of the Troopies back in those days on room inspection.... "Oh No"!!!!! Said in a suitably dramatic stylee.

    An "Oh No" issued forth from my mates locker during one such inspection, and all the Troopies slid across the lino floor in their ammos to gawk at the offending article being held up by Sgt Aitken.... a fork!

    After confirming to Sgt A that there was indeed.... "a bit of crud between the blades of his fork"! My mate was marched off to the Guardroom to await further punishment. The holding charge.... stealing food from the cookhouse! Giggle.

    Sigh, the good old days! :p
  13. Aye, I remember all that clearly. Pete Aitken was my Recruit Troop Sgt. He was a very top fella.

    I also recall a poisonous SSM. Biggest small man syndrome I have ever met.
  14. i think we should throw the pool table outta the top window at the Gluepot!
    Would love to know the provenance behind this tale, my brother who was 74C claimed to have been there, I was 77A and people were claiming to have just done it, now 79C are claiming it. Was it a regular occurance or a well worn myth?
  15. Oh, it happened alright.